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Superman and Lois Goes Up Up And Away
By Marcos Perales  | Big Stick Editor | It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s “Superman and Lois!” Another story of the most classic, and possibly the most well known superhero, is being told through the TV screen. Superman and his wife Lois Lane are (More)
College Cooking Continued
The Kitchen Is Heating Up By Jackie Michel Image Courtesy Of: (More)
College Cooking: Part Deux
The Saga Continues By Jackie Michel This week, I thought I’d make something that almost everyone enjoys- pizza! While pizza is something that is easy to order out, (More)
Next Generation Gaming is Worth It
A little over 8 months in quarantine and now we’re at this point. We’ve survived partly because of all the creativity that was uncovered in the state of everyone’s torturing boredom. While everyone was inventing their own fun, gamers have stuck to th (More)
The Mandalorian Brings Families Together
By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor |   Just listen to the theme music, and you’ll see what everyone is so hyped up about. Invest yourself into a story that follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter and (you could say) his adoptive son, who is (More)
Take a Rib-bite: Frog Cake
This magnificent trend, that has been going around social media, has finally pressured me to try and make one. Now I will tell you how to decorate a frog cake. Step one: Make a cake. Preferably in a round, medium depth pan. After you complete t (More)
College Cooking
First Recipe in a New Column By Jackie Michel   When you go off to college, or spend lots of time at home by yourself, food suddenly moves to the top of (More)
Be Inspired By Remember The Titans
By Faith Carter| Contributing Writer   They are defeating racially systematic obstacles radically, one step at a time. Based on a true story, the film “Remember The Titans,” released in 2000, depicts football players coming together despit (More)
Feel the Thrill with Among Us
By Alexandra Moss | Contributing Writer      Crewmate or imposter? Both have one thought in mind, defeat the other and win the game. This social deduction game where you use brains and strategy to win is called “Among Us.” Among Us is a po (More)
Audio/Visual Wins Awards
Congratulations are in order for the following Audio/Video and Commercial Photo students at Churchill High School. These ten students won in the following contests: ATPI judged more than 4,500 photos and videos for their annual Fall contest on Jan (More)
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