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Quik Wok serves Chinese basics from convenience store
Story and Photos by Zacchaeus Anderson | Quik Wok is a Chinese take-out based restaurant that has many great dishes to take care of your hunger. Here are a few. The first dish on this list is the egg foo young. Now there are many combos of it f (More)
Billie Eilish brings new style into 2019
By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer | Billie Eilish released her new song Bury a Friend this week along with a music video. This song is slightly different from her other music, it has a creepy, horror vibe to it. Most of her previous songs are on t (More)
Read "Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America"
By Austin Cohea | Big Stick Editor | I did not know "Pawnee: The Greatest Town In America," the book based off of NBC television show "Parks and Recreation," existed. Pawnee was actually released Oct. 4, 2011. I however, didn't think it was a real (More)
“Captain Marvel” brings much needed diversity
By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor | Through female empowerment and good storytelling, Captain Marvel not only dominated the box office but dominated the hearts of Marvel fans who were anticipating the film. The film premiered March 8, and fea (More)
Pho Plus offers a variety of Vietnamese fare
By Zacchaeus Anderson | Staff Writer | All the way from Pho to Vietnamese sandwiches, this place has it all. More)
Us thriller proves astonishing successor to Get Out
By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | Jordan Peele’s horror film Us, the successor of the breakout hit Get Out, is a terrifying, spine-chilling thriller that evokes many emotions. The movie certainly lives up to the expectations of what comes wi (More)
Max and Louie's provides good variety
Story and Photos by Zacchaeus Anderson | Staff Writer | Max and Louie's is a New York style diner that offers a lot. All the way from appetizers to dessert, it’s a food lover's paradise. More)
7th Graders Groove at Valentine Dance
The Student Council sponsored a Valentine's Dance for the 7th Grade Bulldogs. It was an evening full of good food and fun. (More)
The Super Bowl Halftime show flopped; here's why:
By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | The super bowl halftime show was uneventful and underwhelming, plain and simple. On their accelerating decline of stardom, rock-pop band Maroon 5 failed to excite or bring a long lasting impression. It didn’ (More)
True crime podcast explores both American and European Crime while creating easy listening environment
By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor | True Crime has recently become a widely popular topic among young adults and this has created a wide variety of shows, movies, and books exploring the depths of crime accounts in the United States. I have alwa (More)
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