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North London based singer needs more attention
By Hailey Massey | Soundcloud-based singer Bruno Major has been known for releasing one song a month and attracting over 9,000 followers with his melodic indie-pop sound. However, even with his rising popularity, Major doesn’t receive the amount o (More)
Nerdly Speaking: Black Panther
Black Panther stands apart from pack of Marvel movies
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Black Panther is one of the most hyped movies of this year and now that it is out it can face the most terrifying movie critic in the history of movie critics: me, clearly. I'm gonna start by saying that I love all o (More)
So we're calling this music?
By Nicholas Norris | Personally, I prefer the old style of music, not today's mash-up of noises and ad-libs. I'm talking the soulful more inspired music that came from places such as: Outkast, Nirvana, and even Journey. I understand that some enjo (More)
7th Graders Dance the Night Away
The Student Council hosted a dance for all 7th grade Bulldogs last week. As you can see from the slideshow, they got their money's worth! (More)
Students Don't Like Snapchat Update; they'll get over it
Co Editor In-Chief Mayra Gallegos' updated snapchat chats/stories. By Austin Cohea | Ass (More)
Atypical, Netflix Original, Captivates Watchers
By Source, Fair use, By Austi (More)
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Lives up to Original
By Hailey Massey | Sony Pictures Diving into the unknown terrain of the jungle, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle brings out all the elements of an adventure film- a thrill s (More)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor | Best movie of the year almost brings a tear. Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released Dec. 15, 2017. More)
For beautiful travel, consider the Big Easy
Story and Photos by Nicholas Norris | New Orleans, Louisiana. Some call it "The Boot," but it is everything but the bottom of a cowboy's wardrobe; it's a new breath of fresh air versus life here in San Antonio, Texas. Of course not knocking the (More)
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