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The LEGEND Series is a PRODIGY of Literature
The Legend series by Marie Lu takes place in a future version of the United States (2100s) when the country has divided into two countries, the Republic and the Colonies. After a big flood destroyed most of the East, people started migrating to the W (More)
Why the MCU is Bad for Spider-Man
By Marcos Perales | Staff Writer | So Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man fans worldwide are hyped about the news. Marvel and Sony agreed on a new deal and everything is sunshine and rainbows. Nothing could possibly go (More)
The Ultimate Spooky Meal is Here
IHOP released their iconic seasonal pancakes to commemorate Halloween. The meal, inspired by the new movie, the Addams Family, a reinvented twist on the classic children’s horror movie that is being released on October 11 across the country. To prepa (More)
How to celebrate: Hispanic Heritage Month
 Many ethnicities around the world have characteristics, traits, and established cultures they are proud of. Hispanic Heritage month is September 15 - October 15. With many hispanics all around the world, we celebrate and acknowledge the background o (More)
America's next bop star, Lizzo, rises to mainstream success
By Gisselle Washington | Big Stick Editor | Known professionally as the musical artist Lizzo, Melissa Viviane Jefferson is the music industry’s next star, as she terms herself- “America’s next bop star” in her Twitter bio.  (More)
Weezer: Better Than Most Modern Music
By Austin Cohea | Big Stick Editor | Weezer is an iconic band born out of the early 90s grunge era, of which many bands did not survive. Though Weezer did survive, like many musicians, Weezer’s early work is beloved far more than the new stuff.    (More)
8th Graders Shine at Hollywood Nights Dance!
The 8th grade Bulldogs had a blast last thursday at the annual 8th grade dance. All pictures are available for free download by clicking on the image. Enjoy! [gallery type="slideshow" ids="6183,6182,6181,6180,6178,6179,6177,6176,6175,6166,6167,6168, (More)
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