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Donkey Lady-Terrifying SA Urban Legend
Those living in San Antonio for a few years may have heard of the tale of the Donkey Lady. This urban legend dates back to the late 1800s. The story goes, a local woman lost her children in a fire set by her husband. She was badly disfigured, fusing (More)
BoJack Horseman will make you confront your humanity
By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor | Personally, I don't get into TV shows that easily. They have to meet my standards and I have to be engaged with it throughout the story line. Shows such as Regular Show, Atlanta, and Ramy have been my favorit (More)
Roam and Rejoice!: Post-COVID Jams of Unity
As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the state, whether for good or for bad, more and more people are v (More)
Break the monotony of quarantine with a Pixar classic
By Breana Bellinger | Staff Writer When it comes to entertainment, watching movies are a good way to pass the time. I would highly recommend a Pixar movie like Ratatouille if you want something to take your mind off the quarantine and to improve y (More)
When the Challenger Changed a World
By: Katarina Rendon January 28th, a day that may seem like any other, but in 1986 it was a day that marked tragedy for America. NASA, widely known for its greatest advancements in aerospace research and for being at the forefront of space explorat (More)
COVID-19 Through Music
    With everyone at home, it’s the perfect time to (More)
Seven Things to do During Quarantine
People all over the world have already discovered ways to entertain themselves during this massive quarantine, but those ways can become a tedious routine, so it’s always a good thing to find new ways to stop your boredom. Here are seven new things y (More)
Airpods Got the Drip, But That's About It
By Zakary Rodriguez | Advertising Manager | When it comes to wireless bluetooth earbuds, everyone knows Apple and their Airpods, but there’s been a growing debate between Apple’s now iconic Airpods and the newest pair of bluetooth earbuds on the m (More)
Incredibles is an instant classic
By Breana Bellinger | Staff Writer | “Honey?” “What?” “Where’s my supersuit?” “What?” “WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT?!” The Incredibles is a Pixar and a multi-genre movie that was directed by Brad Bird and released on Nov. 5, 2004. It featured a lot of (More)
Toxicity At Its Finest: The Weeknd to Drop New Album
By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor | Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is a singer/songwriter that has been making music since 2011 with his debut album Kiss Land in 2013. Over the years he has gained massive success in the musi (More)
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