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Halloween spirit lives on through Dark remake of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”
By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor | Halloween season came to an end with candy, rotten pumpkins and rain, but, if you still want to maintain the spooky season, Netflix's newest release will keep that feeling alive. Sabrina Spellman's back, but i (More)
Supernatural reveals more of Michael's actions
By Liliana Lopez | Staff Writer | SPOILER ALERT Season 14 of the CW’s Supernatural is in process, with episodes airing on Thursdays.  Last week’s episode, “Nightmare Logic,” is the fifth of the season so far. The episode began with a young h (More)
The Neighbourhood Never Changes
By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer | The Neighbourhood released a new album in September called Ever Changing, to finish out the four-part project, Hard to Imagine the Neighborhood Ever Changing. The title is fitting as their music remains in a sim (More)
The Hate U Give visually stunning, emotionally compelling
By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | Intense. Compelling. Inspirational. Based on the powerful novel by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give is a long-lasting tale that will be remembered by generations to come as it sheds light on the social issues p (More)
Criminal Minds thrills with plot twists
By Liliana Lopez | Staff Writer | SPOILER ALERT Criminal Minds is on its 14th season with episodes airing on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS. Last week's episode (Oct. 24) was the fourth of the season. The episode surrounded the murder of a w (More)
Crazy Hair Day: Unite and Fight Like Crazy Against Drugs
Today was "Crazy Hair Day" and "Unity Day". Students wore orange to unite against bullying. Our Bulldogs also wore crazy hair to show support for fighting like crazy against peer pressure and drugs. (More)
Kim Namjoon's Single Focuses of Love
By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | Kim Namjoon performing his solo during the Love Yourself W (More)
'Mind of Jake Paul' rises above concerns
By Liliana Lopez | Staff Writer | YouTuber Shane Dawson is doing a series on fellow YouTuber/Vine star Jake Paul.  He researches Jake Paul and his family, speaks with a psychologist about sociopaths and whether or not Jake could be one, and gets t (More)
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