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Track & Field Season
Track & Field season is right  around the corner. The first practice will be held February 13th. Everyone in athletics is considered to be on the team. There are 3 different groups: the beef group focuses on field strength competitions, the offse (More)
NEISD Superintendent Brian G. Gottardy to Retire
Superintendent Brian G. Gottardy has announced his retirement. He has worked as a superintendent at North East ISD since 2011 , and  he initially started as a P.E coach in 1985 but then went to Southwest ISD for a while. He eventually returned to NEI (More)
High School Safety
The North East Independent School District is in the process of installing fencing around the perimeter of each of their high schools in March 2019 . The NEISD Board of Trustees has voted to start a construction project to fence all 10 NEISD high sch (More)
Staar testing on computers?
STAAR testing is coming up, and this year all test will be done online. We will be one of the first middle schools of NEISD to use online for all grade levels and each subject. While gathering information about online STAAR testing, they found that e (More)
Teachers and Staff Carrying Guns
Some Texas schools are already allowing the teachers and staff to carrying guns in the classrooms. The law was passed in 2013 and has been in Lone Star State ever since. Some of the teachers are making videos of themselves and posting them on social (More)
Academic Night
Hello Seahawks! Tonight,  Thursday, November 15, 2018, is the annual Academic Night. Pizza will be served from 5:30pm to 6:00pm. Also for all you Seahawks attending, you can get free dress as long as you bring a parent! Math, Science, and Social S (More)
THE FALL PRODUCTION  REVIEW The Fall Production is the thing most theater students look forward to, and most parents can't wait to see their precious child act on the stage. I'm here to tell you what I personally thought about each of the plays. (More)
SA 300th Anniversary Events
San Antonio is 300 years old! We are celebrating with tons of events. This month is especially exciting! --Every day of this entire month there has been a Quilt Exhibit “Telling Our Story: African American Influences On San Antonio’s History."  (More)
As we know, every year the spectacular Fall Production blows audience members away with stunning performances by our very own Seahawks. The production, directed by Mrs. Morales-Davenport, will happen on November 8, 2018 in the Nimitz Middle School Au (More)
Dia De Los Muertos Parade
  At  Nimitz Middle School, our art program celebrates Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican tradition where we celebrate the dead and come together as a family. This tradition started about 8 years ago and went on for two years until the school shut (More)
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