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Need to see some Jag action this season? You'll need to go online
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Students and fans who want to attend football games this year must purchase tickets online. Around 4,000 to 5,000 people typically attend an NEISD sporting event each weekend, depending on the sport and the venue. O (More)
Mala Luna Music Festival
This Fall from October 26th to the 27th, the Mala Luna Music Festival will be held in San Antonio at the Nelson Wolff stadium. The festival celebrates cultural music like hip-hop and R&B sung and danced by featured music artists. This year's head (More)
2019 Battle Of The Flower
HEY! Have you heard, Fiesta is right around the corner and you know what that means right? The Battle of the Flowers parade is coming soon to San Antonio on April 26, 2019. There will also be tickets to buy for seating areas if you want to see the pa (More)
   Course Recovery
                                                  Course Recovery The end of the school year is coming, which means  some students might be failing classes, but if this applies to you, you’re in luck. Course recovery, a four day opportun (More)
47 Days
   Starting today, there are only 47 days left of the school year. Be ready to accomplish new things like the STAAR test and preparing for a new school year. You might finish your STAAR test, but the school year is not quite over yet. In these 47 day (More)
Earth Day Festival
Monday , April 22,  is the day to be at school. Students are able to attend  an Earth Day Festival.  During their PE or Health classes seahawks can enjoy many activities and no money is needed just cans. Yep, I said "cans."  We are collecting cans (More)
Dyeing the River Walk!?
Sounds crazy, right!? Every year since 1968 the River Walk has been dyed green on March 16 and 17th , around 12 pm on both days. To my knowledge it was built around 1928. San Antonio's River Walk  is transformed by the eco-friendly dye and is availab (More)
The Faces Of Black History Month
Black History Month is a tribute to all Black men and women who have made a mark in the U.S. and have contributed   to the positive promotion of Black race. One major contributor is Martin Luther King Jr. because he fought for the equal rights for al (More)
8th grade panoramic photo
The 8th grade Seahawks' panoramic photo will be taken on February 21 and all eighth graders will be pulled out during first period to take the picture and will quickly return to class. The eighth grade panoramic photo is important to many people, and (More)
Track & Field Season
Track & Field season is right  around the corner. The first practice will be held February 13th. Everyone in athletics is considered to be on the team. There are 3 different groups: the beef group focuses on field strength competitions, the offse (More)
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