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How To Budget: Money Management for Teens
I know we’re young and think we’re invincible, but the harsh reality of adulthood is coming fast and with a force. We need to get a head start in life, and this includes money management. We should all learn to take care of our earnings, and spend th (More)
Volunteering During COVID-19
People are in need of help now more than ever, as we are facing an unprecedented global pandemic and a crisis of our economy. Many local, San Antonio entities are looking for extra volunteers to supplement their extra needs, and students are always i (More)
A penny for your thoughts
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Senior Bryce Shuster worked on five major holidays; New Years Eve, New Years day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving to accumulate money for his checking account. “There were bills that needed to be pa (More)
Weighted GPA may not be the way to go
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Emma Kern, a freshman Smithson Valley student, piles herself with Pre-AP classes because of the multiplier. But, when she compares her GPA with NEISD students, she realizes that the higher multiplier gives advantage (More)
Has Disney run out of ideas?
Emma Fischer|feature editor Since 2015, there have been seven remakes of beloved Disney films. Disney won’t stop this mass production of remakes anytime soon, either. “The Lion King” comes out over the summer and four more remakes have a release d (More)
Reserve your spot to work with the Hamilton cast
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor When I walked into the studio, I didn’t expect to be working as hard as I did, but the performers of Hamilton work hard, and in turn they worked us hard. The masterclass was taught by Tyler McKenzie, a Hamilton cas (More)
School may be out, but not all the work is done
by Emma Fischer|feature editor When the final bell rings on June 6, not everyone is done for the school year. Although students disperse and push to be let out, not everyone leaves. There is a lot of work to still get done. “District office ch (More)
Band students are excited for Midwest in the fall
Emma Fischer|feature editor Out of the thousands of bands around the country, the Johnson band was selected to perform in Chicago at an event they call, “Midwest.” “Midwest is such a big deal. We’ve never went before. Not a lot of people get ch (More)
Bottom line: biased social media isn't a news source
Staring down at their bright screens and disregarding what is going on around them,most teens spend over 75% of their time on their phones. Many liking posts, stalking people they think that are cute, looking at videos/memes or reading what they call (More)
Valentine's Day: The Single Life
Candy hearts, red roses, and giant teddy bears all symbolize a time of year all couples look forward to: Valentine’s Day. With this holiday also brings out the bitter side of single people. "I think the main reason most people are mad [about Valen (More)
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