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Jerry Tarkanian
Famous NCAA basketball coach(Jerry Tarkian) passed away on February 11, 2015. He was a hall of fame coach who coached for the university of Nebraska, Las Vegas and was 84. He died due to the cause of just illness, he had been seen being taken to the (More)
The Music Man: Musical goes Animal
Pony on set pulling wagon. Photo by: Hannah Feuerbacher Not every pers (More)
Volkswagen\'s XL1
If you like cars you probably like the sound of a revving engine inside of a car that is more beautiful than you could imagine. However today it is known that we are rapidly running out of fossil fuels. So how do you have a pretty car that is both fa (More)
Top 6 Best Gifts for Teachers!
Teacher Feature is a way for students and staf (More)
New Beginnings for Tex Hill\'s Online Newspaper
By Kim Nguyen and Bianca Ortiz Tiger Time News will providing information on anything newsworthy, and even news that might be interesting to you. We will be writing the daily events occurring  here at Tex Hill Middle School, from School Announcement (More)
  When you walk into your house and smell gingerbread cooking you know that Christmas is coming! We all know that the number of days until Christmas are rapidly decreasing and this year is coming to an end. Christmas is a very well known and anticip (More)
5 Viruses That are More Dangerous Than Ebola
Photo C (More)
There\'s a team behind the rank
Senior Kyle Herlich serving.Photo by India Nikotich The school tennis team won (More)
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