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Adrian Peterson Expected to Come Back to the Vikings in 2015 but May Not
Vikings former running back Adrian Peterson was expected to come back to the Minnesota Vikings in the 2015 season but may not. Peterson previously expressed uneasiness about continuing to play for the Vikings, coming off a season lost because of the (More)
Seattle Gum Wall
In Seattle, Washington, on Post Alley under Pike Place Market is the famous Gum Wall. The tradition began in 1993 when patrons of \"Unexpected Productions\" Seattle Theatresports began to stick gum on the wall along with two coins. Theater workers tr (More)
Students vs. Teachers Basketball
Last week, the students and the teachers faced off in an intense basketball game. The teachers came out ready to play, but the students weren\'t going down without a fight. The score went back and forth all during the game, but the teachers came out (More)
7th Grade Lady Hawks Win District
The 7th grade Lady Hawks are district champs! Congrats! Tuesday night, they played against Tejeda and beat Timberwolves. The score was 39 to 26. This season was amazing, and the girls had a lot of fun together. Congratulations to everyone on \"A\" te (More)
2014-2015 Lady Hawks Win Basketball District Champs
The \"A\" Team Lady Hawks won last night and became the District Champs. The score was 45-39! They haven\'t been district champs since 2010, so the girls were super excited about their win last night.  The Harris Hawks gave it their all, and it paid (More)
Harris Green Team Selling Canations
Harris Green Team is selling carnations! They are on sale today, Friday the 13th for $2 dollars. Give them to your friends or that certain someone special. Support our school by purchasing some carnations today! (More)
Valentine\'s Day Dance
The Valentine\'s Day dance is on Friday, February 13th from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. The dance is so that you can have a good time and hang out with your friends. The dance is on the 13th, so it makes it even more magnificent! We hope yo (More)
Apple Watch?
Apple has recently announced there newest product, a smart watch. Although some experts say it won\'t become as successful as smartphones, this device opens big doors for personal computing. You will be able to purchase this product for a pricey $ (More)
American Sniper
American Sniper is the best selling movie right now. There are a lot of rumors or controversy going around because people are saying that snipers are dangerous and that they are cowards. People are also saying that snipers are acting just like the pe (More)
Harris School Festival
The Harris School Festival is right around the corner! The Harris School Festival is on Friday, March 27, 5pm - 8pm. The Harris School Festival is when all of Harris comes after school to enjoy fun activities, see cool shows, and get festive to celeb (More)
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