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City Stumbler
Inside the mind of a little fish in a big pond Whether she is aware of it or not, she displays a look of disgust on her face. Walking home from school, she paces anxiously along the sidewalk adjacent to a busy street. As the endless stream (More)
Remembering Selena, 22 Years Later
By Angel Sabater | Big Stick Editor

Co-Op program allows students to get a start on their careers
by Aleeha Shah | news editor For students who have part time jobs, it can be hard to juggle the stress of getting in their hours as well as keeping up with all of their school work. The Co-Op program is designed to help those students manage their (More)
Counselor Spencer helps students
[caption id="attachment_16066" align="alignright" width="300"] Spencer explains a class schedule to a student.

By Austin Cohea | Counselor James Spe (More)
Penney tells stories, inspires students
By Austin Cohea | Jason Penney was raised in a small town in England  - in fact, the fifth smallest town in England. He was born in Colorado; then two years later, moved to England. Then to California for first grade, and back to England again to (More)
The moment my "good kid" status changed
by Caitlin Blackmon | feature editor Ever wondered what it would be like to try and sneak off campus? Well I tried it, and this is an account of what exactly happened. It was a day like any other. I was minding my own business, trying to avoid (More)
Black girls celebrate Black History Month
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer To celebrate the Black History Month , four junior girls have organized a way for black girls at Johnson to get in formation. “It is an empowerment of young black girls and other girls who are mixed with black (More)
Electives attract many students
by Laura Navarro | staff writer When it came down to choosing her electives for high school, junior Ananda Bhatia decided on choir for numerous reasons. “I feel like choir is almost like a family, and I love singing and doing all the different (More)
Valentine's Day on campus
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer Valentine's Day on a high school campus means roses, candy and stuff animals - but as with other holidays, the administration is asking students to refrain from unnecessary distractions. “Things that can or would (More)
Walker and Cortez lead students into future
By Juan Villanueva | Big Stick Editor | Without help from his advisors, senior Andrew Vasquez would be very behind on his college matters. But Vasquez, who often spends his time in the Career Center, has been shaped by his advisors who have seeded (More)
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