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Putting a Ring on 2023
The class rings of 2023 are were available for students to design and order. Students got a chance to order one class ring that also came with a companion one as well.  There will be a ceremony held when the rings arrive for the students who order th (More)
Band Back in Step
Reported by Monika Garcia The James Madison marching band has been celebrated for its large numbers. Due to the pandemic last year, about one hundred band students lost interest in the program.  Now with a new year starting, the Madison band is st (More)
Student Body Presidential Candidates- Who's Running and Why?
Kaitlin Arocho, Staff Reporter We are in the midst of election season for Senior Class President. The person elected to be President will be in charge of coordinating senior class events, promoting senior class activities, and further down the (More)
Adjusting to a more normal school year
by Gabriella Krengel | staff writer  With the 2021-2022 school year starting in person, many students realize how much they preferred virtual learning. 

Home Alone : When the adjustment is more than academic
by Nic Harper | staff writer After over a year of quarantine, some students are feeling the lasting effects of social isolation.  “[Before quarantine] I used to be really loud, and I would talk to like everybody that I knew, and I would talk to (More)
Mighty Once Again
[caption id="attachment_8345" align="alignleft" width="632"] Early morning practices is a part of band life.

Reported by Monika Garcia The James Madison marching band is known for its music and large numbers. Due to the pandemic last (More)
Meet the Principal
For most students, the principal's office is the last place you want to go. That’s not the case with the new principal, Mr. Joaquin Hernandez. “I’ll try to be fair with y’all," Mr. Hernandez said. "I’ll try to be open, and I’ll try to create as ma (More)
By. Erin Rabel AG students try to keep the water balloon from breaking. Photo by M. Witzel The AG Olympics is the first big event the Agris (More)
HoCo Night Under the Stars
Happy homecoming week Brahmas! This Friday and Saturday are the homecoming game and dance. The homecoming game will be this Friday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. at Heroes Stadium against the Boerne Champion, and our homecoming king and queen will be announc (More)
When life gives you lemons, but society tells you they're useless
by Isai Carmona | staff writer Summer began, and Joe Sweeney was ready to kick back and relax in his precious moments of vacation, which would soon be ruined by yet another year of school. However, one thing seemed missing from his master plan: mo (More)
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