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Geometry and Statistics teacher Mr. Thompson to retire after serving 22 years in education
Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | Mr. Thompson is  a teacher who connects with his students. As a teacher, Mr. Thompson often captivates you with  his intriguing anecdotes of being in the Air Force in Panama. But as an educator, he’s very sure (More)
What is the model UN?
A district wide change may be on the books
by Elly Beauchamp | editor in chief As the 2019 school year starts to come to a close, NEISD is beginning discussions of a district wide ranking change, which would change the current GPA multiplier of 1.29 for all AP classes. “There is discus (More)
Reserve your spot to work with the Hamilton cast
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor When I walked into the studio, I didn’t expect to be working as hard as I did, but the performers of Hamilton work hard, and in turn they worked us hard. The masterclass was taught by Tyler McKenzie, a Hamilton cas (More)
146 Bulldogs Inducted into NJHS
Bush inducted 146 Bulldogs into the National Junior Honor Society this week. (More)
Water bottles take on status symbol rank
A new Texan asks 'what's fiesta?'
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer Fiesta is a city-wide celebration of cultural diversity, but some people don’t know the true history behind it. What’s also interesting is that people who consider themselves to be “native Texans” do not know what F (More)
Senior Tehya York publishes two books sold on Amazon
By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer | Overflowing with magic and fantasy, senior Tehya York put her passion of writing and telling stories into published books Into the Unknown and In the Beginning currently being sold on Amazon, available for p (More)
Cruising Into Reading: MACTeach collects books for elementary kids
Growing up in this generation surrounds kids with technology as a way of entertainment and a distraction. It has slowly swept them away from reading books and no longer find a use to get a hardcover and flip through pages. MACTeach is hosting a bo (More)
Senior counterpunches cancer
by Alexis McCutchan| editor-in-chief Senior and boxer Kevin Mendoza was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) his junior year and, after missing nearly an entire school year, is finally back on campus. “It feels good to be back beca (More)
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