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Cheap and last minute places for Christmas shopping
by Eric Martinez | staff writer We all know that time of year. When it gets cold, the lights go up, and the sales begin. Then you realize ‘Oh no, I forgot a gift for what's-his-face!’ Luckily there are many places that are cheap and easy to naviga (More)
New World Geography teacher is influenced by past travels
Christopher Caesar stands in his classroom. Photo by Zacchaeus Anderson By Zacchaeus Anderson | Staff Writer | He’s a tall man that wears a button up shirt and khakis alon (More)
Christmas gift ideas for this 2018
Christmas is the season for giving, but that can be kind of scary when you don't know what to give your loved ones for Christmas. Will they like it? Will they even use it? Whatever the case is, I've got you covered. For your (girl) best friend: (More)
Student pays tribute to principal John Mehlbrech, just in time for retirement
After 30 years, an administrator says her final goodbyes
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Soon, she will put her pen down, turn in her last piece of paperwork and step off campus, never required to come back. After 30 years of her work, administrator Cynthia Rinehart will be retiring at the end of this s (More)
Have you been listening to Christmas music since October?
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Upperclassmen voices on the midterm elections
by David Kent | staff writer On Nov. 6, seniors who are registered to vote will be given the opportunity to vote for their first time in the Midterm Elections. “I’d say it’s very important for me [to vote] because every single vote that goes th (More)
Better "L"uck next time
by Ashlyn Swain| staff writer After practicing  for hours and hours on the Tejeda parking lot with laundry bins setting up a course across the pavement, senior Connor Sorenson finally decides to go home. He needs his rest before his driver’s test (More)
Rohit Panekkat Nabs Spelling Bee Title
Congratulations to Rohit Panekkat, the winner of Bush's 21st annual spelling bee. Rohit won after 18 rounds of intense competition and will now have an opportunity to represent Bush at the Express-News Regional Spelling Bee. Good luck, champ! [galle (More)
Veterans Day
In the cold weather, there's a repetition of the American flag as every cadet stands firmly along the sidewalk on MacArthur View as cars drive by. Every Veterans Day, JROTC pays their respects to all those who have served in the military. "This da (More)
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