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Same Pod Different Peas
By Nicholas Norris | Twins, such as Gabby & Izzy Cantu are unique, other than the obvious, that they are identical. These two sisters are very different. Besides being 100 percent vegan, they are actually complete opposites. Both of them have (More)
Thanksgiving Traditions
Whether students do something unique like travel around the world or something common like eating with their family members, they all have a Thanksgiving tradition. Junior Cristobal Mendoza and his family have a huge basketball tournament at LBJ p (More)
What To Know About Voter Registration
by David Kent | staff writer Every school year, in an attempt to encourage students to be involved voters, two days are set aside in government classes to register seniors to vote. “We’ve got a group of volunteers that comes in and helps us get (More)
Johnson counselor puts in extra effort to help struggling teens
By Elly Beauchamp | Staff Writer When students feel they are falling behind and need some extra support, in school support groups lead by STAN counselor Lisa Williams, can help students be successful in and out of the school setting. As of now, th (More)
Organization at it's best
By Ana Calderon | Carla Sanchez's Handwritten recipe Carla Sanchez Being organized is very esse (More)
Foreign exchange students express differences and changes to their lives
by Emma Fischer | staff writer Senior, Maxime Laurian is from Laval, France and found his way to America after visiting with a friend. “My friend in France went to Canada for three months last summer. She told me it was very interesting and coo (More)
Technology Security at Mac
The internet is used on a daily basis. It is used to do homework, to do research, to teach, to share pictures, and many more. The world revolves around the internet. It has become more developed over the years, but less secure, too. It’s easier for h (More)
The Artists behind the Mactoberfest T-shirt Design Contest
The cold air, and dropping temperature mean two things, one, the season of fall is here, and two, Mactoberfest, and with Mactoberfest there's the Mactoberfest T-shirt design contest, where PALS choose two T-shirt designs to represent Mactoberfest. Wh (More)
Bush Wraps-Up Red Ribbon Week
Students at Bush Middle School made the pledge to be drug free last week. Check out some pictures from the week's events. (More)
Student helps with 'Puerto Rico Rises'
By Mayra Gallegos | Big Stick Editor | On Wednesday, Sept. 20, Hurricane Maria had direct landfall on Puerto Rico, which left Puerto Rico  buried deep in rain. The damage is catastrophic. Homes are destroyed and the streets are flooded. Its imposs (More)
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