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More Pride!
Bush recently recognized the fifth 6-weeks pride award winners. (More)
"Chain of Love" Brings Churchill Students to Volunteer
A couple of Churchill students gathered early Monday morning in their former middle school, Saint George Episcopal's, gymnasium to help with their annual school event, Chain of Love. Chain of Love supports St. George's sister school, Saint Benoit, (More)
Student Crossing Guards Keep Students Safe
By Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor | Seniors Amariay Easter and Jeremiah Williams pose for pictu (More)
Where I'm going: McCree chooses U of H
By Ana Calderon | Photo by Carmen Centeno | This is part of a series about individual seniors and how they chose their colleges. | Senior Marina McCree is going to the University of Houston college of architecture, she will be attending the Ger (More)
Get to know your Brahmas: Kayla De Jesus
Kayla De Jesus is a sophomore and fourth chair for violin in orchestra. Q: When did you start playing violin? A: Fifth-grade, they came and introduced us to instruments, at first I wanted to be a veterinarian but I saw the violin and was like 'I' (More)
Battle of the bands: the difference between concert and marching band
Emma Fischer | staff writer The beating sun casted down on the students, teachers, brass, plastic and wood that stood on the asphalt. The black band pad shot the heat right back up at the musicians, but even through the struggles of the August sun (More)
From the outside
by Emma Fischer|staff writer As if she ran a marathon, freshman Madeline McJiltion returns home after a three and a half hour practice, exhausted, and still in that time, doing her homework in the car rides. Every single day she runs through her r (More)
Music Broadcast: Spring Up!
Looking for a fun playlist for a drive, or to clean to?  Listen to these fun, seven pop songs to keep your spirits high and excited in the springtime.  From current hits to classic alternative artists, there's something here for you. More)
15 thoughts you have while getting ready for prom
by Courtney Smith | Editor in Chief Prom is a signature element in the American high school experience. The right of passage dance is one of the few events in your life where you spend five times as long as usual getting ready to dance in a room f (More)
Where I'm going:Jacob Infante
By Ana Calderon | This is part of a series about individual seniors and how they chose their colleges. | Senior Jacob Infante plans to attend The University of Texas at San Antonio. [caption id="attachment_17983" align="alignright" width="22 (More)
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