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Cruising Into Reading: MACTeach collects books for elementary kids
Growing up in this generation surrounds kids with technology as a way of entertainment and a distraction. It has slowly swept them away from reading books and no longer find a use to get a hardcover and flip through pages. MACTeach is hosting a bo (More)
Senior counterpunches cancer
by Alexis McCutchan| editor-in-chief Senior and boxer Kevin Mendoza was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) his junior year and, after missing nearly an entire school year, is finally back on campus. “It feels good to be back beca (More)
The noise in the B-Wing increases, so do complaints from teachers
by Ashlyn Swain | staff writer The clock ticks, the metronome beeps, the valves of the euphonium click. Freshman Katie Rheney practices her etude for her second hour straight, cleaning up the technique and mastering the dynamics. Each and every ba (More)
A new international newspaper is starting up to shine some light on historical romance
Emma Fischer|feature editor Renee Bernard, a historical romance author, had received many emails from many different people. What she did not expect is an email about a new magazine to shine some light on the genre. Thimgan Hayden began reading an (More)
Student pays tribute to principal John Mehlbrech, just in time for retirement
A needle in a cookie box
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Hauling cookies by the cases back and forth from school could be considered a sport, but a sport has popularity, and finding those Girl Scouts that carry those rare delicious, sweets is like looking for a needle in (More)
Lots of Changes for NEISD
The new year brings new changes, especially for our campus. Very recently, Justin Oxley received a promotion and left his position as Principal of Churchill High School. As a result, Principal Bloomer took his place. Bloomer isn’t exactly new to our (More)
Another Batch of Pride
Last Wednesday the 3rd 6-weeks Pride Award Winners were recognized in a presentation in the library. Congrats! (More)
All State Band
Every year students compete in several band competitions, they receive excerpts from TMEA (Texas music educators association) and have to audition through three rounds; District, Region and then Area. This year, on Saturday Jan. 12, sophomore Aaro (More)
Bulldogs Showcase School for Elementaries
Bush organized an exciting morning for the 5th grade students visiting from nearby elementaries. (More)
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