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Save our World!
By: Karin Luna Not too long ago, I visited the magnificent Houston Zoo. The exhibits were phenomenal, the nature was refreshing, and the animals were most memorable. However, a dreadful fact was proven. It seemed as if in every direction I looked, (More)
Marilyn Monroe: Mini Biography
By: Margaret Goree Norma Jean Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe) was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. Her dad abandoned her family, leaving her mother to take care of her. Her mother\'s side of the family, however, had a long history of m (More)
3 Things Most Texans Don\'t Know
By: Heidi Reichling When I went to Colorado a few summers ago, I had the chance to earn a hundred dollars if I could correctly answer the salesman’s questions. He asked me whom the yellow rose of Texas was, what are the six flags that fly over Tex (More)
Why They Didn\'t Show: Why Some Great Acts Never Showed up at Woodstock, Man!
By: Jack Castillo If you care about rock music from around 1969 then you are likely aware of the greatest music festival that has ever set its gentile fingers of starvation on this earth...EVER! However, this music milestone ,that took place in Woods (More)
Talking Angela
Talking Angela By: Katie Martinez The past few months some people, and mostly parents, have been talking about a grossing app named \'Talking Angela.\' The free app is where you can talk to a virtual cat and it responds to you. There has been m (More)
Flappy Bird
By: Margaret Goree On  May 24, 2013, Vietnamese Dong Nguyen put Flappy Bird on the iOs app store. Flappy Bird, a simple game of just tapping the screen to make a bird fly in between pipes, was only intended by Nguyen to be a moderately popular app (More)
Exciting Easter Extravaganza
By: Giavanna Galvez There are many games that you can do on Easter, and lucky for you because I know some fun games to do with your younger siblings (or parents, with your kids). One game that you can do on Easter is have an Easter cupcake walk. F (More)
The Swiss Chocolate Mountains
By: Jack Castillo I LOVE the Toblerone candy bar. The little triangles made of chocolate with the nougats inside. They are delicious. But when was this awesome released on to this earth? I will now tell you the history of the Toblerone (as said fr (More)
Carlo Carlei\'s Romeo and Juliet
By: Karin Luna “The most dangerous story ever told” this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet brings the best playwright ever written back to the big screen. Being over a decade since Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 modern adaptation, another (More)
How To Build A Guitar
By: Jack Castillo If you play guitar (or bass guitar but I play guitar so I\'m saying guitar) sooner or later you may get bored with the guitars that are available for purchase or you may or maybe become dissatisfied with the paint jobs you can ge (More)
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