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Bush Athletics Kicks -Off Season
Photographers: Mason, Ambrielle, Max, Dhruvi, and Ta'Mya (More)
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8th Grade Bulldogs Declaw the Jaguars
The Bulldogs continued their season after a brief pause due to COVID. The dogs dominated the Jaguars and came home with another set of wins. (More)
All Aboard Among Us
By: Vincent Wentink Ever heard of Among Us? Of course, you have, this game racks up 68 million daily players, and has 100+ million downloads. Why is this game so popular you may ask? People find the gameplay very exciting; it gets lots of influenc (More)
A Legacy of Love and Poetry
Nineteen high school students in the North East School of the Arts (NESA) Creative Writing program were chosen to contribute poetry to the literary arts aspect of the McNay Art Museum’s current Robert Indiana: A Legacy of Love exhibit which honors th (More)
Featured Art by NESA Visual Art
Future Pups get Big Dog Tour
The 5th grade students from Bush's feeder schools received a tour of the campus last week. (More)
Love the Earth
By: Audrey Gonzalez Do you care about the animals and plants on the earth? Do you care about your own life and living it? Do you care that all these things won't exist without the planet that we live on? Do you care that because of us earth and all (More)
A Final Batch of Pride
Last week the final pride awards were passed out to another great bunch of Bulldogs in the Bush Library. Congrats to all of our award winners! (More)
Bush Soccer Kicks Off Today!
Bush students celebrated the inaugural day of their first soccer game by wearing favorite soccer team jerseys. (More)
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