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Throwback Thursday: Don't Throw Away your Life on Drugs
Today was "Throwback Thursday". Students wore outfits from the past in an effort to show support for Red Ribbon Week. (More)
Twin Day: Stand Together Against Drugs
Red Ribbon Week continues with "Twin Day". The BBNN captured all students pledging to be drug free! Tomorrow is "Unity Day". Wear orange and crazy hair! (More)
Jersey Day: Team-up Against Drugs!
We kicked off Red Ribbon Week with "Jersey Day". The BBNN captured all students pledging to be drug free! Tomorrow is "Twin Day". (More)
Prayer at the Pole
Bush recently hosted its 21st year of "Prayer at the Pole". (More)
Bush Covered by Blanket of Snow
A surprise snow flurry blanketed the Bush campus with a beautiful layer of white powder, Check out the great pics! (More)
Bulldog to Rattler
Addison Garcia talks to Rian Magner about how she is feeling regarding the transition she will soon make moving from Bush to Reagan High school next year. She discusses what she is most nervous about, what electives she has chosen, and her plans for (More)
Bush Artists Share their Secrets
Mariana Lee Acevedo interviews Rosie Ganksey, Sarah Fortuno, and Anna Billman about their artwork as they go over the minor, but major, details regarding what makes their art stand out and be unique. (More)
Scratch That
Scratchboard Art is a form of direct engraving where the artist scratches off dark ink to reveal a white or colored layer beneath. There is also foil paper covered with black ink that, when scratched, exposes the shiny surface beneath. Scratchboard c (More)
Dance and Sing!
The advanced girl's treble choir is continuing the annual tradition of choreographing a song for the 8th grade girl choir concert. Caroline Allen, Ashley Gemoets, Hailey Ramirez, and Rachel Riggs are the dance leaders in the performance. Come watch t (More)
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