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A Taste of Autumn
  The sun appearing late; disappearing early Orange leaves sprinkled across the ground Crunching under your feet Cool breezes sweeping through your hair Families (More)
Financial Life After High School
The spending habits of Teenagers In our modern day society, power, independence, quality, and improvement come down to one single common factor; money. Despite all neg (More)
2015 New Year\'s Resolutions
It’s here! The big 2015; the year Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” traveled to. Of course with a new year comes a new you, new mistakes, new wishes, and especially new resolutions. For those who don’t know what a “New Year’s Resolution” is (More)
2015 Gas Prices
Everybody has that one place they like to go to, but they might need a car for that. That means you need Gasoline for the car. Right now the gas prices are very low and that brings benefits to a bunch of people. In the past years there has been compl (More)
Why The Sickness?
Lately many students and teachers are getting sick from the flu, stomach flu, and many more. Texas is the second most sickness place in the U.S. Why is this affecting so many students and teachers? Will they ever get better? I wanted to know if any a (More)
Landing Success
November 12th, 2014, ten years after a shuttle, Rosetta, was shot from Earth to track Comet 67P and land on it, finally was grounded to the icy rock. A live webcast and site tracked the shuttle\'s process in full detail, and it\'s communicating with (More)
The Life After School
Many students do different things after school, like doing homework, talking to friends, or even going outside to play. I thought it would be interesting if I asked a student what they do after school, why do they do this activity, and, most importan (More)
Since Ebola was in Dallas people are starting to freak out. Tianna Equiler (7) said, \"I feel Ebola is messing up our lives because everyone is going crazy about it.\" What will happen if it came to San Antonio? Most people will go insane. Minari (More)
The Flu Blues
In this picture there is a girl washing her hands to prevent getting the flu (More)
Cursed at Sea World
Most people have been to Sea World. According to Victoria Garza (7), \" I have been to Sea World sevarel times. Lots of people said it would be awesome to go to Sea World during Halloween. \"Seeing scary zombies chase me around is really fun,\" (More)
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