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How Do Different Cultures Spend the Holidays?
There are many different religions that spend Christmas in many different ways. How do different cultures celebrate the holiday season? In the United States, the majority of the population are Christians, and Christmas is celebrated on December 25th (More)
Dream And It May Come True
Imagine having a job where you can just be yourself and get paid for it. Seems unreal right? Well let me tell you something,this job can be all yours as long as you follow the guidelines of this certain job. You may be getting real impatient with me (More)
Language and Tips on How to Survive The World of The Internet and Its People
The internet is a HUGE thing. On multiple social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Quotev, Facebook, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc; you can find slang such as shipping, OTP, YOLO, smh, feels, I can’t (that’s actually one) asdfghjkl (a literal thing. I do (More)
Stop the Drama!
It is proven that middle school, and high school are the most dramatic years of your life. The solution is to not respond when drama tries to attack you. Just like cyber bullying, if someone posts a rude comment about you on the internet, ignore it d (More)
Girl\'s Freedom in Sports
Girls and sports are a amazing combination with more girl teams  the more our school is recognized! Not only this but us girls have felling\'s to some are brave some are fashionable some are tall and some are small but we need to have our right\'s of (More)
How Our Parents Became Who Thet Are Today
How Our Parents Became Who They Are Today: My Moms Career \" Hi i\'m Camille Opland, I work as a Corporate Chef at a Distribution company. I cook for Executive\'s at an office setting. I was inspired by my grandmother, my talent, and my passion for (More)
Adrian Ortiz\'s Hermit Crab Catching
A 13 year old boy named Adrian Ortiz has a interesting sport of catching hermit crabs. And he will tell us about his hermit crabs experiences. He told me that he began at age 13 and began with his cousin. He said does it because he said it\'s funn (More)
Jake the Guitarist
I interviewed Jake McKinnei. Jake is an amazing guitarist,  he practices everyday to get better and better. He loves what he does so much. In 20 years he sees himself being a famous, intelligent  guitarist. \'\'I cherish my 5 guitars with my life, th (More)
Cosplaying Interview
  Cosplaying is one of Lillian Watkins favorite things to do. She cosplays almost everyday, whether its at home or in public. \"The main reason that I cosplay is because it can be very fun and its nice to be able to meet new people who have s (More)
A Strange Vacation In Mexico
My sister Mia visited Mexico for the first time ever in the summer of 2008.  Visiting a new country can be fun, exciting, and a way to learn new things. All countries around the world are different in government, culture, and landscape, but everyo (More)
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