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A Memorable Trip for Kylee
This past weekend, one of my friends, Kylee Harrison, agreed with me on an interview. I told her it would be on a memorable trip she has been on. \" On my trip, with me were a few of my friends.\" That  was her first answer to who was there with her. (More)
Our Bradley Snake Keeper
Do you like snakes well I interviewed a snake keeper he told me his mom bought him his first snake on November,15,2013 his first snakes name is Persila a spider ball python he keeps her in his bedroom he told me that he like snakes because of their (More)
Volunteering At Nursing Homes
My friend Hannah Tucker spends her extra time volunteering at nursing homes outside of school. Volunteering is a great way to spend your extra time. There are many advantages of volunteering at a nursing home; residents receive one on one attentio (More)
Catie The Cosplayer
          I recently interviewed a certain Catie Hart on a very interesting and unique hobby she has. Catie is a cosplayer. You may ask, \"What\'s a cosplayer?\" and to that I say ask Catie herself!           \"It\'s typically dressing up as a cha (More)
Lets Give Some Animals Love
By: Jaida Sloan Today I heard of most cutest charities of them all a animal league shelter. One thing you could do for Valentines Day  is give some love to those irresistible puppies because they do need you.Now lets get a little more detailed abo (More)
Man Shoots Another Man In Movie Theater Over Text
By: Noah LaPatra Have you ever seen somebody texting in a movie and you got mad? Well apparently a 71 year old got did too and the situation ended up escalating too far, to where the \"texter\" Chad Oulson actually got shot dead Witnesses say t (More)
Family Finds House Possesed
By: Jenna Kurburski In November of 2011, the Ammon\'s family moved into a rental house in Indianapolis on Caroline Street in Gary only to find their house filled with, what they thought, spirits from the Devil. It started first with flies swarming t (More)
Tongue patch diet Good? or Bad?
By: Noah LaPatra Have you ever wanted to lose 20 pounds in one month? Well apparently some people do and they’ll go to extreme measures just to lose it! A new method has been created called The Tongue Patch diet, and supposedly this diet averages a (More)
To Make Bubbles Fun!
By Lanae Tipton Do you think bubbles are just for summer? well you thought wrong! To make bubbles fun in the winter all you have to do is of course, buy or ma (More)
Lucky Star
By: Jacinda Davis \"Okay,Let\'s do this! A-alright,mmghaa!!,Quit screwing around and start!!...\" Those are the first words to the theme song of another great anime called Lucky Star which has a Japanese version( More)
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