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\'Furious 7\' hopefully wraps up franchise
by Amon Jackson | staff writer *SPOILER ALERT* We’ve been waiting for two years for this movie to come out and it\'s finally here. After Paul Walker\'s passing in 2013 we almost thought the film would not be made, but thanks to his brother and (More)
A \'Hot Tub\' you will want to disinfect
by Amon Jackson | staff writer Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is a sequel to 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. I\'m not going to lie-the first movie was pretty funny and I loved all the 80\'s references. But as soon as I heard about the sequel I threw up (More)
Kingsman: The Secret Service delivers a twist on spy formula
by Amon Jackson | staff writer Kingsman: The Secret Service  was a movie I heard about last year and I really didn\'t care to see it, not in trailers at least. From looking at the poster in 2014 I just thought it would be another dark and gritty s (More)
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire Movie Review
***WARNING SPOILER ALERTS***   I watched the movie \'\'The Hunger Games ,Catching Fire\'\', I actually really liked the movie. It told the story very well. I really enjoyed how well the characters were played. One of the things I wish they (More)
Please Remember: A Review
Last week I watched the movie, “Before I go to Sleep”. I honestly thought, that it was one of its kind of movie. It had plot twists, a good plot, and it was a mystery. My favorite type of movie.          Though, at the same time, sometimes the plo (More)
A Better Perspective
Maleficent a magical,stunning movie. This movie is a must see if you\'re a fan of Disney movies. This was a better story than \"Sleeping Beauty\". It had more of a dramatic feeling to it. The emotion of happiness,sadness,betrayal,anger are flourished (More)
Lights! Camera! Transformers!
For every single one of you Transformers fans, I\'m sure you have seen the newest, and sadly last movie of the series, Transformers  Age of Extinction.  The movie is action filled and some parts of the movie could make you sad, or mad, but over all t (More)
A Life of Fun & Disenchantment
The Way Way Back starring Steve Carell,Sam Rockwell,Liam James,Nat Faxon,Maya Rudolph,Jim Rash,AnnaSophia Robb,Allison Janney and Rob Corddry. This movie will make you have a ton of laughter then later break your heart.It’s a great teen movie that w (More)
Catching Divergent *Spoiler*
I recently watched the movie \"Divergent\". It was originally a book, but before I got to read it, I had already bought the movie.  I actually liked it a lot, but I\'ve  heard that the book is way better. So after the war, the government split eve (More)
Guardians of the Galaxy Review!!!
WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! Each week there are new books, movies, etc. Here I am going to tell you about the movie \"Guardians of the Galaxy\". Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie where you will experiences many feelings. You will feel your heart be (More)
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