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Two weeks off gives you plenty of time to catch a new movie
by David Kent | staff writer Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - (Dec. 14) The art style of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse takes heavy inspiration from the aged comic books create (More)
Aquaman is DC's new fish out of the water
staff writer | Lauren Loveless Aquaman: the upcoming DC movie with a lot of expectations riding on its’ success or failure. And, because the DC studios have created a few subjectively bad films recently, Aquaman has been predicted to flop. ‘Suicid (More)
The new 'Fantastic Beasts' film brings the Wizarding World back to life
staff writer | Lauren Loveless J.K Rowling once again displays her genius and ability to entrance an audience with her newest addition to the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ series. Not only is the cast golden and plot complex, but the directors also got back (More)
New Halloween lives up to 40 year old expectation
Last week I picked up one of my friends and we went to go see the Halloween movie that was released in theaters the previous day. I really enjoyed the movie. Some of the scenes other people found shocking, I found funny. As of October 21 the film has (More)
A star dies: newest iteration not for everyone
“A Star is Born” a classic movie that has been remade so many times we have seem to lost count. The director, Bradley Cooper also acts as the main character in the film, which only adds to the uniqueness of this movie. Not only does this movie have a (More)
Inside Netflix's international goldmine
Lauren Loveless | staff writer Netflix is known for its creative original TV shows and movies, which has given the video streaming platform quite the identity. However, viewers tend to ignore a completely different side of Netflix, which features (More)
Ten of the Best Marvel Movies
by David Kent | staff writer Avengers: Infinity War will become the newest addition to the Avenger’s Saga, coming in as the nineteenth Marvel movie over the course of the last ten years. Infinity War is the culmination of ten years of character de (More)
"A Quiet Place" is a fresh revitaliser for the horror movie genre
by Jeremy Reyes| staff writer   “A Quiet Place” is easily one of the best horror films in awhile with its suspense building plot that will make you scared to even breathe. What makes this movie different from almost every other horror movi (More)
Steven Spielberg returns to the big screen with 'Ready Player One'
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Steven Spielberg returns to the big screen with an explosive sci-fi epic filled to the brim with video game and movie refer (More)
Upcoming movies bring hype and fright
by Lauren Loveless | staff writer Last year brought big title horror movies such as "Get Out" and "It", setting high expectations for the future of the horror industry. With the recent trailers, it seems movie producers do not intend to disappoint (More)
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