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"A Quiet Place" is a fresh revitaliser for the horror movie genre
by Jeremy Reyes| staff writer   “A Quiet Place” is easily one of the best horror films in awhile with its suspense building plot that will make you scared to even breathe. What makes this movie different from almost every other horror movi (More)
Steven Spielberg returns to the big screen with 'Ready Player One'
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Steven Spielberg returns to the big screen with an explosive sci-fi epic filled to the brim with video game and movie refer (More)
Upcoming movies bring hype and fright
by Lauren Loveless | staff writer Last year brought big title horror movies such as "Get Out" and "It", setting high expectations for the future of the horror industry. With the recent trailers, it seems movie producers do not intend to disappoint (More)
Black Panther stands apart from pack of Marvel movies
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Black Panther is one of the most hyped movies of this year and now that it is out it can face the most terrifying movie critic in the history of movie critics: me, clearly. I'm gonna start by saying that I love all o (More)
Maze Runner: The Death Cure delivers action packed series finale
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Maze Runner: the Death Cure is the third and final installment in the Maze Runner franchise.  The movie was released on Jan 26, and was directed by Wes Ball. Now that the basic info is out of the way, let’s push on w (More)
Settling the debate: is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Is the 1988 action flick “Die Hard,”starring Bruce Willis, the most ultimate Christmas movie that ever existed? To some that might sound silly, I mean come on, a movie about freeing hostages from a building full of t (More)
12 Christmas movies that are definitely on the nice list
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer It’s that time of year again: the time for gifts, holiday music, tons of food, and Christmas movies. From the action of Die Hard to the holiday classics like Frosty the Snowman, here’s a list of christmas movies tha (More)
Disney announces new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, live-action TV show
By David Kent | staff writer  Disney announced that Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, will be tackling a new Star Wars trilogy. Along with this exciting news for fans of the series, a live-action Star Wars TV show was announced as well. This is a (More)
'Thor: Ragnarok' Marvel's features best Thor yet
by David Kent & Jeremy Reyes| staff writers The third installment in the Thor movie series is out and ready to see.  But, does it live up to the hype? Thor is back and better than ever, funnier than ever, and with a new look. Chris Hemswort (More)
End of the year brings hype for new releases
by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer Now that we are approaching the tail-end of 2017, it is about time for the holiday movies for Thanksgiving and Christmas to start being released. Though the year may be nearing an end, there is certainly no lack of e (More)
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