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Get to know your Brahmas: Kayla De Jesus
Kayla De Jesus is a sophomore and fourth chair for violin in orchestra. Q: When did you start playing violin? A: Fifth-grade, they came and introduced us to instruments, at first I wanted to be a veterinarian but I saw the violin and was like 'I' (More)
JAG JAMS : Guthrie's Grooves
by Arianna Michaud | staff writer Sometimes, the best way to learn more about a person is to know their tastes in music. In that spirit, MyJagNews will be finding students and teachers who are willing to share playlists. Download Spotify to access (More)
Evanescence - "Lithium" holds truth about depression
By Tori Pulliam | Released in 2006, Evanescence has gifted their audience with "Lithium." A song of metaphorical yet literal lyrics and expressions, it speaks of the pending departure of depression, but yet its host does not wish to let go of it e (More)
Q and Sleigh: Christmas Edition ft. Diana Cerros
Everyone loves a good Christmas story (at least I hope everyone does). So enjoy this light-hearted and well-meaning Q and Sleigh in preparation for the holidays. 1. What's your favorite Christmas song? "None, they're all annoying. I wish they wer (More)
Music podcast: 80's shoegaze/dark wave
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry Joy Division - Disorder The Smiths - How soon is now? Pink Section - Wine World Cupid Come - My Bloody Valentine Depeche Mode - Enjoy the sil (More)
Ode to Band
by Audrey Payne | copy editor A lot of people ask me why I’m so obsessed with band. “It’s a cult,” they say, or “Your entire life is band,” or even “You’re torturing yourself with those crazy marching band hours!” Well, these accusations are kind (More)
The Mala Luna Music Festival
The Mala Luna music festival, presented by Scoremore Shows, will be at Lone Star Brewery Oct 29-30, tickets will be on sale for $89 at Subscribe to (More)
Top 10 Musical Must Sees
by Alyssa Pena | staff writer Who doesn't love a good musical number? Honestly, if my entire life could be summed up in one unique way, I'd prefer it to be through a quality, show-stopping broadway hit. I absolutely adore musicals; it's always the (More)
Local Fiesta celebration marks its 125-year anniversary
by Mackenzie Armstead | staff writer A week-long festival, colorful decorations, and tons of mouth-watering Mexican delicacies- that’s right, Fiesta is here. From April 14th- April 24th, Fiesta will be held downtown along the San Antonio River Wal (More)
Vans Warped Tour 2016: What You Need To Know
Lovers of punk, alternative, rock, and metal music come together every year to experience the thrilling atmosphere of one of best summer music festivals. Vans Warped Tour is widely known for a plethora of performers and its availability to fans. This (More)
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