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Emeline Lakrout's Final 30
In the field of journalism, -30- indicates the end of a story.  In the profession of journalism, it has become tradition for staff members to label their farewell piece as a “30 column,” paying homage to the -30- mark that dates back to the days of t (More)
Costa Rica Trip 2016
This spring break students had the oppurtunity to visit Costa Rica through the AP environmental  science classes. Students from Reagan, Churchill, and MacArthur high school came together. The first stop was at the Quetzal Lodge  where cabins sat at t (More)
Music Review
Haley Mnick and Logan McElroy, discuss the latest music as well as upcoming music from incredible stars like Rihanna & Zayn Malik. (More)
Changing the Standard
The redesigned SAT was issued for the first time on Saturday, March 5. The new test focuses on providing students with real world knowledge that will stay with them throughout their adult lives. “[I was most surprised by] how easy it was,” junior (More)
IPhone Controversy
With the past San Bernardino case, the government has been trying to make Apple unlock the 9 IPhones, but Apple will not. With this controversy it gives us the question: What would it be like without security on our phones?   -Jackson (More)
Sex Ed at Reagan
      Sexual education--the only course curriculum more controversial than US History. 33 states require that students be taught about HIV/AIDS, yet only 19 states require that information be medically accurate. Texas and NEISD have their own laws an (More)
Dillon Christian Memorial Scholarship Information
The Dillon Christian Memorial Scholarship 2016 Dillon Christian was taken from those he loved way too early on June 1, 2014 just before his 20th birthday. He was an avid UT and sports fan and a very compassionate and kind spirited person. He was a (More)
DECA Picks Up Trash In Parking Lots
DECA members are doing their part to assist janitorial staff in cleaning up the parking lots after school. “Such a small service such as picking up trash shouldn’t only be laid in the hands of the janitors but also in the hands of the students. If (More)
Cards and Carnations
The Spanish Honor Society has been selling carnations in the cafeteria for the past two weeks. Students can purchase two dollar carnations and write a personal note to the recipient, which are delivered on February 12th, the Friday before Valentine’s (More)
A Haven for Talent
The Gay-Straight Alliance has opened auditions for its third annual Talent Show, taking place this February. Tickets are five dollars, and all proceeds go to charity. “It’s not as competitive as, for instance, the choir Pop Show [which] is extrem (More)
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