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Love on Tour, Harry Styles
Girls screaming, lights flashing, and sweat gathering. So much anticipation, after waiting two years, for the best person on earth to emerge from center stage. Harry Styles finally came to the AT&T Center for Love on Tour.  He made sure before (More)
Grinding for a Better Life
In this day and age, there is a major rise in people chasing their musical dreams. With resources like Soundcloud being able to let anyone put their music on the internet for everyone in the world to hear. There is a large amount of artists blowing u (More)
Putting a Ring on 2023
The class rings of 2023 are were available for students to design and order. Students got a chance to order one class ring that also came with a companion one as well.  There will be a ceremony held when the rings arrive for the students who order th (More)
Mighty Mariah
The football team has a bit of a new look this season. Coach Hirst is in his second season as head coach and has a much smaller depth chart due to a lower number of players. This season, the school only has a varsity and freshman team. This led to ma (More)
Review: Ye Drops Donda
No matter what is going on in the world Kanye West is in the spotlight 24/7. Whether it's rumors about Ye releasing music, Twitter and Instagram rants, and even internet fights with drake, to his Yeezy fashion line and his upcoming projects partnersh (More)
Band Back in Step
Reported by Monika Garcia The James Madison marching band has been celebrated for its large numbers. Due to the pandemic last year, about one hundred band students lost interest in the program.  Now with a new year starting, the Madison band is st (More)
Staffing shortages arise in custodial department
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief While the campus typically operates with around 18 custodians, there are currently only six - with a potential of four new hires joining soon. A c (More)
Beloved Teacher Lost to Covid-19
Lesly Rodriguez, Staff Reporter The morning of Thursday, September 2, LEE High School sustained its first loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic when Special Education math teacher, Ms. Laurie Marrero, passed away at her home due to complications f (More)
Student Body Presidential Candidates- Who's Running and Why?
Kaitlin Arocho, Staff Reporter We are in the midst of election season for Senior Class President. The person elected to be President will be in charge of coordinating senior class events, promoting senior class activities, and further down the (More)
Mac vs Lee Volleyball Game
This past Tuesday night the MacArthur varsity volleyball team took on the Lee Volunteers at Littleton Gym, they played a fantastic game, with a final score of 26-29.  (More)
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