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You've Got "Soul"- Review
This past Christmas break, Pixar released a new animated movie called “Soul”. The movie has gotten amazing reviews, sparked many great discussions, featured Pixar’s first African American lead, and this movie definitely added some light to end 2020 w (More)
On that midnight of January 1st we had a sense of belief. Belief for a more normal year and no more COVID. We hoped for hope or a sign that things will get better, and what did we get? One of the greatest videos that has ever been made.  The More)
Band begins its indoor season
by Katie Barton | staff writer During the second semester band starts its concert or indoor season which means new safety measures will be added to keep students and staff safe. “For indoor band, we are going to balance splitting up WW and Bras (More)
Mind Your Mind-Student Mental Health W (More)
Texas Football Is Back ?
Tom Herman’s job never seemed secure. Being the Texas head football coach in the long run with an average 32 -18 record at Texas and only one win over rival Oklahoma and a single New Year's Bowl game appearance, after a 23-55 win over The Colorado Bu (More)
Last Opportunity for Yearbook Pictures
Yearbook pictures are important! Not only do parents want to have school pictures, but when you take your picture, you are included in the yearbooka historical document accounting for everything that went on during the school year. Monday is pictu (More)
Students urged to understand differences between scholarly organizations
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief With the National Honors Society having just inducted new members into their organization, students are reminded to stay aware of the difference between the NHS and another organization, the National Society of (More)
Public Library Resources*
The San Antonio Public Library is providing an abundant amount of resources for everyone during this difficult time. Treading safely, the system behind most these opportunities are either online or contactless. SAPL's website contains an endless v (More)
Struggling students encouraged to return to in person learning
By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor | It’s been about nine months since schools shut down for the year. A little under nine months ago, education scrapped itself up for a taste of all virtual learning from the eternal spring break of 2020 and on (More)
Ho Ho Ho or No No No: Are Winter Desserts Any Good?
It’s finally December so we can officially start singing Christmas songs without being told off. Along with lights being strewn on every street, on every aisle of Wal-Mart you are bound to see at least one holiday item to add to your shopping cart. B (More)
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