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They say high school is the best four years of your life and, well, I'm hoping that’s not true. For me high school was stress. Lots of stress. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was always essays, projects, presentations and a bunc (More)
Get to know your Brahmas: Q&A with Elizabeth Beltran
Elizabeth Beltran is a sophomore in band. Q: What instrument do you play? A: "I play the saxophone." Q: Why did you decide to play that instrument? A: "Because I've heard many cool parts are played on the sax and it seemed like a fun instrument (More)
Senior Farewell
High school was an emotional experience.  I am an extremely emotional person, crying with the characters on TV when something sad happens, or when someone in my book is killed off or when a song really hits deep.  It’s been really hard not to cry so (More)
Launching for the Last Semester
On Tuesday, May 22 multiple Physics students were required to bring a device that was able to shoot a load of 20 pennies over a 4 foot piece of plywood to get in the last few grades to finish up the semester. “For Physics," Mr. McDaniel, a Physics (More)
Naturopathic Earth
Health Science teacher Mr. Albert Luna, runs a health and lifestyle blog outside of school to bring what he teaches in the classroom to a larger group. “I run a blog called naturopathic earth,” Mr. Luna said. “Naturopathy is the science in which y (More)
NEISD Planning Clear Backpack Policy for Middle and High School Students
Junior Jessica Artelejo dons her clear backpack. By Austin (More)
Senior Awards Night Honors Top Grads
By Mi Noe Noe |  Staff Writer | On Monday, May 14, more than 300 graduates were recognized at this year’s senior awards. There were 215 in total that were honor grads. In addition to honor graduates, awards in different categories were presented, i (More)
Shakespearean Festival Travels to Churchill
Students and teachers at Churchill were thrilled to get involved with a Shakespearean Festival last Tuesday, May 1st to spread their love for Shakespearean literature and the time period overall. One teacher who helped create the whole meet was hi (More)
Choir Banquet
The Choir Banquet is an all formal event and has a fancy dinner for all the choir students meet up. Get your dresses ready and tuxedo's dry cleaned because the banquet is approaching on May 25,2018. Sophomore, Victoria Castaneda, will be attending (More)
Time for Change
       JROTC’s Drill Team competes at Nationals on May 5, 2018 and May 6, 2018 in Daytona Beach, Florida. “This is a wonderf (More)
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