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Why are people so obsessed with Zodiac Signs
by David Kent | staff writer If you’re a very passionate and abrasive person, then you’re probably a Scorpio, or you’re a Capricorn. In modern society, people have been taking to astrologic (More)
Go home pumpkin spice
In recent years, we’ve seen the rising popularity of pumpkin spice everything. Starbucks may’ve started it all with the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte but the trend has grown almost exponentially since then. We decided to try a few pumpkin spice flavored (More)
Movember raises awareness for men's health issues
Elijah Johns|Staff Writer No-Shave November is a movement started in 2003 in Australia to raise awareness for various men’s health issues such as: prostate and testicular cancer. The non-profit organization that started the movement was Movember. (More)
Jaymi Morris's Final 30
In the field of journalism, -30- indicates the end of a story.  In the profession of journalism, it has become tradition for staff members to label their farewell piece as a “30 column,” paying homage to the -30- mark that dates back to the days of t (More)
Smell the Roses
For seniors, the second semester is all about looking ahead. Seniors pay less attention to grades, less to other students, and more to the future. Senior year revolves around experiences, on friends and family, laughing and crying, ending and beginni (More)
For Our Future
All over the world, guns are in use. They are the embodiment of both protection and harm. However, it seems that in today's day and age, self-control is no long (More)
Another Thought on Teachers
Teaching is not an easy field. Teaching means snarky comments behind your back, it means late work and pulling teeth, it means hours of work that you don’t get paid for, hours of grading homework at the dinner table and answering emails from students (More)
U.S. Presidential Election Opinions
Reaganites give their opinions on who they believe should be the next president of the United States and what qualities this person should have. We also hear opinions about our current president, Barack Obama.   (More)
Architecture and Title IX
 Feminism has gathered a pretty bad reputation with today's media. But it's important to understand that feminism is not a rallying cry for women trying to take over the world. It's an attempt to bring gender equality. One such feminist triumph is T (More)
A Thought on Teachers
Many people are aware that being a teacher is not exactly the highest paying job that one could strive for in life. In fact, many people thi (More)
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