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The problem with our pep
Pep rallies have been around for decades. They’ve been seen on our televisions everywhere from Grease to Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. The common trend: the majority of pep rallies on screen have happened during school, and we think it sh (More)
Go home pumpkin spice
In recent years, we’ve seen the rising popularity of pumpkin spice everything. Starbucks may’ve started it all with the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte but the trend has grown almost exponentially since then. We decided to try a few pumpkin spice flavored (More)
New meaning to the term 'Insta-worthy'
Instagram has been a platform for people to post their favorite pictures, whether they be relatable memes or just fun vacation snaps, since its release in 2010. However, recent studies have come out showing that Instagram is the number one social med (More)
Red Ribbon Week: Camarena's story and battle against drugs
by Sofia Colignon | staff writer Johnson High School encourages students to participate on the Spirit Week and say no to drugs. From Oct 23 to the 27, the campus celebrated Red Ribbon Week as an awareness campaign against drugs, alcohol, tobacc (More)
Things freshman need to know to survive high school
by Michelle Brooks | sports editor When you first come to Johnson, you’ll probably feel as if you are in a corn maze and be as confused as a baby. But, here are some major things that you will need to know to survive. Exam exemptions Exam ex (More)
Christmas Starts in November
It’s the beginning of November and people are preparing for Thanksgiving. As they walk in the store to buy things for the holiday, an annoyed expression appears on their faces. Christmas is not until the end of December and stores are already packed (More)
Revenge of the mums
by Saidah Hawkins | staff writer When you think of the word ‘mum’, you may think of the familiar phrase, ‘Mums the word’, which means keep silent or quiet. However, if you go to a Texan high school, you might think the exact opposite: irritati (More)
Paper Waste in Schools
Classrooms rely on paper for everything from worksheets, to textbooks, to standardized tests. Teachers hand out hundreds of papers a week, and students throw away dozens. Because the average American wastes other resources daily without batting an ey (More)
13 Reasons, Why Not!
This controversial Netflix series was all the buzz this Summer. Check out Natalia Robles as she interviews Taylor, a Bush student, on her opinion. (More)
Second Amendment needs overhaul
A massive shooting took place in Las Vegas on Oct. 30. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man, killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others. He had 23 firearms in his hotel room and twelve of the rifles were modified with a “bump stock,” which allows (More)
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