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Additions to the family
by Emma Fischer| features editor This month, six years ago, we adopted two of my three siblings. I have heard many people saying that they will adopt when th (More)
Scandalous Shoulders
Emma Fischer| feature editor Through many years, I have been told not to be a distraction, that I should cover my shoulders, my legs, my bra strap. Is it a s (More)
Dear Slow People
by David Kent | staff writer   Dear slow people, move out of the way. Whenever I’m walking in the hallway, there's always that one person who walks a (More)
The Importance of Mental Health
Staff Writer | by: Lauryn Chavez Our mental health should be important to us. At these ages when our brain is still developing, so it’s important to monitor (More)
Move aside Christmas, it's Thanksgiving Time
by David Kent | staff writer At last it’s the month of November, the season of the turkey; where we all gather around a table and express our gratitude for the things that we have in our life. And yet people are celebrating Christmas of all things (More)
Maybe college doesn't have to be so hard
As the end of the first semester starts to come to a close, many students are searching for ways to find affordable living at dream college (that they will hopefully get into). But never fear! College Life, an app designed specifically for this reaso (More)
San Antonio's hidden international grocery stores
Lauren Loveless | staff writer San Antonio is known for its' diversity and various cultures, and with that comes many different regional stores hidden in the corners of the city. From Japanese to European, you can basically find any type of global (More)
Why I Don't Like Politics
By Eric Martinez | staff writer American politics are the worst. America is a nation of many problems that can be resolved quickly, but they are never answer (More)
What no one tells you about high school
by Sofia Colignon | news editor I had just moved from a different country, with different school rules and a completely different school system, a month before (More)
Creep It real
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Should trick or treating have an age limit? This is a question everyone, especially high school students, ask themselves every year. Is it okay for them to walk around in a costume knocking on doors and asking for c (More)
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