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Two weeks off gives you plenty of time to catch a new movie
by David Kent | staff writer Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - (Dec. 14) The art style of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse takes heavy inspiration from the aged comic books create (More)
What to do when Single on Valentines Day
by David Kent | staff writer Valentine’s Day is the annual celebration of romance and romantic love, this honoring of romantic devotion to loved others is commemorated on Feb. 14. During this one-day event, cherished romantic relationships are cel (More)
The Battle for the Digital Crown
Lauren Loveless | staff writer About three or four months ago, YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, began to feel his crown slowly slipping off of his head. For years, he has held the title of most subscribed without question, he’s even been d (More)
What's left for Trump?
They Still Weep
2018 was the worst year in U.S. history for gun violence. Americans, especially teenagers, have become desensitized to the horrors their peers have survived. Whether it’s a form of dark humor or a coping method to block out reality, memes take se (More)
More Rights for Student Journalists
After Conor Spahr, the news editor of the Herriman High School newspaper in Utah, published an article exposing that the disappearance of a teacher was due to inappropriate texting with a minor, the school administration shut down the newspaper and c (More)
Stan Lee; a Legacy
by David Kent | staff writer Sitting at his dimly lit desk in a rainy and dreary New York City, a young Stan Lee writes away at a wrinkled sheet of paper. The wrinkled, yellow sheet had countless things scratched out while other were written out a (More)
Additions to the family
by Emma Fischer| features editor This month, six years ago, we adopted two of my three siblings. I have heard many people saying that they will adopt when th (More)
Scandalous Shoulders
Emma Fischer| feature editor Through many years, I have been told not to be a distraction, that I should cover my shoulders, my legs, my bra strap. Is it a s (More)
Dear Slow People
by David Kent | staff writer   Dear slow people, move out of the way. Whenever I’m walking in the hallway, there's always that one person who walks a (More)
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