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Review: Get Hooked on the New Candyman
The long-awaited revamped version of the famous 1992 horror movie, “Candyman”, premiered in theaters on Aug. 27 to great success. The movie topped the domestic box office with over a $22 million dollar gross earning over the weekend, demolishing its (More)
Review-Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Published in 2012, and awarded the #1 New York Times Bestseller, “The Confessions of a Murder Suspect” is a fascinating thriller by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.  This book gives you a peek inside the minds of the Angel family, damaged childr (More)
Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby is a new addition to the Macarthur Plaza where you can get a quick hot or cold snack. I believe this is the best addition since The Last Slice. Not only conveniently located near the school (across the ditch) but also a refreshing break (More)
When life gives you lemons, but society tells you they're useless
by Isai Carmona | staff writer Summer began, and Joe Sweeney was ready to kick back and relax in his precious moments of vacation, which would soon be ruined by yet another year of school. However, one thing seemed missing from his master plan: mo (More)
What happens when Zoom takes over the academic year?
by Tala Kamil | staff writer This academic year, students had the option to either join Zoom classes, be asynchronous, or go back to learning in-person.  “When this year started, I never expected any of what was going to happen. I thought that (More)
All Teens Now Eligible
On May 12, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention approved that 12 to 15 age can get the Pfizer Covid vaccine. I asked a few students if they will get the Covid vaccine. "No, because it's dumb." Emily Harrison, 9   "Yes, be (More)
Trying Boba
Bubble tea (boba), is a Taiwanese cold drink made with tea, sweetened milk or other flavorings, and balls or “pearls” of tapioca.   Tong's Thai The First location was Tong’s Thai restaurant. When you arrive you can’t go in so I ordered outside and (More)
Should the Future of Education Include Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations?
Loraleigh Cantu, Contributor Covid-19 has disrupted our lives in numerous ways. People have had to adapt to wearing masks, social distancing and participating in online school. Many are calling this the "new normal.” And in this new normal man (More)
Is Increasing Minim wage The Right Move
Ever since President Joe Biden started campaigning for office, one of his biggest promises was raising the measly 7.25/hr minimum wage to $15 an hour in the US. This has caused Americans to debate whether it should or should not happen. The 15 dollar (More)
Put Your No. 2 Pencils Down- Standardized Testing is Ineffective
Madison Munoz, Contributor This week, students across the state of Texas will be faced with a sheet of blank bubbles and an ominously ticking clock. The controversy over whether or not standardized testing is the best way to measure studen (More)
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