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To all the kids that leave class and never come back
by Sofia Colignon | news editor We all have those kids in our classes that take the bathroom pass and never come back. If you say you don’t, then you’re probably one of them. Here’s the thing—if you want to leave class, go ahead. You might be (More)
Why are people so obsessed with Zodiac Signs
by David Kent | staff writer If you’re a very passionate and abrasive person, then you’re probably a Scorpio, or you’re a Capricorn. In modern society, people have been taking to astrologic (More)
New DC movie receives mixed reviews
Lauren Loveless | staff writer Following DC’s recent success with Aquaman, expectations have been high for the super hero franchise. And although it wouldn’t take too much to top the mediocre-at-best film, DC has been known to disappoint fans with (More)
We're all 'Burnin' Up' for the Jonas Brothers and their new song
Ashlyn Swain | Staff Writer Jump back to the 90’s and mid-2000’s: boy bands were on the rise and there were tons of them. Ranging from The Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, NSYNC until the breakout of The Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers w (More)
Chronic illnesses and the life changing impact they have
Lauren Loveless | staff writer It’s the middle of the first semester and life is going great; your friendships are flourishing and grades soaring high. Then suddenly BOOM! You’re hit with an unfamiliar, idiopathic illness that puts you in bed for (More)
What's with the blue flowers?
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer We’ve all seen that little hill with the billboard as we turn into Johnson. Recently these blue flowers have blossomed, covering the hill almost entirely. And people are taking entire photo shoots with them. Why? I (More)
Why tho? Internet Challenges
Once again another pointless internet trend has knocked everyone off their feet: when you throw Vans, they always land upright. Regardless of the truth behind that, it raises questions about how society functions. Are we, as a society, allowing inter (More)
Why Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is the staple of superhero movies
by David Kent | staff writer Almost every time a new superhero movie comes to theaters, it is immediately compared to the magnitude that is Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy (More)
Is social media healthy?
Sofia Colignon | News Editor If you are reading this, chances are, you have some sort of social media platform. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or all of the above, you most likely use it to communicate with friends, send them memes, twe (More)
What to do when Single on Valentines Day
by David Kent | staff writer Valentine’s Day is the annual celebration of romance and romantic love, this honoring of romantic devotion to loved others is commemorated on Feb. 14. During this one-day event, cherished romantic relationships are cel (More)
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