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Seniors to hold onto memories
Students watch the Pink Out game together. Football games are something that many students will miss. Photo by Tatiana Venegas By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor | Four y (More)
Hunger Pains
  Have you ever woken up late for school, and had to get ready in a rush? Well you more than likely didn’t have time to grab your breakfast. I hope you know that your not al (More)
Mr. Comalander: Attitude, A Matter of Choice
Your Time to Shine
Spring pictures is your time to shine! So listen up to these tips and tricks to make your picture fabulous. 1- Come picture ready, have your hair nice, and clean clothes 2- These photos will not be in the year book, we already got your photos in Fa (More)
Ticket to Togetherness
Sports are all the rage these days! It requires smarts, athleticism, strength, discipline, self-confidence and much more. Our school is full of athletes that need a chance to shine. One problem is that schools can only offer so many sports options. A (More)
Throw Kindness Like It’s Confetti!
Throw Kindness Like Confetti Walking by our school’s cafeteria, you might see something new on the w (More)
Be Smart, Dress The Part
As you may have noticed, we have a dress code here at Eisenhower. This dress code consists of jeans, khakis, school spirit shirts or a white collared polo. We went around the school asking one student in each grad (More)
Time Flies By
Have you ever been late to one of your classes? Well if you have, you know that it stinks. Most classes are right around the corner from each other, but what if you have to get from one side of the school to the o (More)
What's the beef? -With school lunches
Do you buy lunch at school? Most kids at IKE this year do! But does that mean they enjoy the lunches they eat? People don't enjoy the school lunches as much as they should. When people buy their lunc (More)
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