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PALS Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral
The Bush PALS recently worked on a video that focused on making Bush a "Bully Free" zone. With the help of the Bush News Crew, this video was a huge hit and has over 1000 views. Click here to check it out. (More)
Library Tips 101
The Bush News Crew spent some time showcasing Bush\'s amazing library. Click here to check out some useful tips and learn a few things about NEISD\'s best library and librarian. (More)
Bush Welcomes New Counselor
Ariana Douglas spends some time with Bush\'s newest counselor, Mrs. Everest. Click here to watch the full interview of our counselor in charge of students with last names starting with Go-N. (More)
Bush Welcomes New Assistant Principal
Jeremy Cofield had the opportunity to visit with Bush\'s newest administrator Mrs. Carroll recently. Click here to watch the video and get to know our front office leaders. (More)
Bush Debate Makes a Point
The Bush Debate Team recently attended their first competition. They really started to gel as a team and several students came home with gavels and ribbons. The pictures capture the team taking the pledge of sportsmanship and preparing for greatness. (More)
All You Need is Love
The United Bulldogs Club sponsored a \"All You Need is Love\" day at the beginning of the semester to promote tolerance, friendship, and anti-bullying. Students wore pink and red to show-off their support for this worthwhile idea. [/video] (More)
Ask Lee Wants To Know...
Ask Lee
Ask Lee wants to know What is Your Favorite T.V. Show? (More)
9 To 5 Showings Were Not A Disappointment
The musical 9 to 5, which started on Jan. 22 to 25, from the times 7:30 p.m. to around 9:00 on Thursday to Saturday, and at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, the last day of the play, was amusing and a great way to spend any of those evenings. Allied campus theat (More)
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