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Fitting 18 Years Into a Dorm Room
By Hailey Massey | Photo courtesy of student currently attending Texas Tech.   (More)
Two days until prom; enjoy what the prom committee set up
By Nicholas Norris | One of the most anticipated times of the year is upon us and the prom committee has been working hard to not only pick where prom will be held but doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to make it all possible. The prom (More)
Weekend without technology allows student to focus on nature
By AJ Ballard | Many conversations that I have with adults revolve around my generation’s use of technology and supposed “addiction” to their phones. Before spring break, I could hardly say that I agreed with them. This tiny coffee causes big pronunciation problems. Photo on It a (More)
Experience life in a different state
By Lizbeth Cuellar | Big Stick Editor | Traveling is fun and a relaxing thing to do. It can expand our creativity and let us try new things we never thought we could, as well as getting out of our comfort zone. By Tomia, original image en:User:Polylerus [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsBy Bralynn Sampson | Breaking a bad habit is not an easy thing to do and it’s a process, poss (More)
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