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Hopefully this answers all your questions about senior photos
Can I still get my senior portrait taken?  YES What's the pose for the yearbook this year?  CAP AND GOWN Is there a charge for the yearbook pose? NO   Seniors were able to start setting up appointments as early as August 2016 t (More)
ROTC's 100th Anniversary
At ROTC's celebration of 100 Years of Leadership Excellence, Col. Ricardo Morales speaks of the importance of ROTC and the affect it has on the students in the program. "Avoid political parties. We all have something in common and focusing on di (More)
Under The Stars 2016
Traveling to the outskirts of Fredericksburg, Texas millions of stars consume the sky. This was a level two light pollution zone meaning that in optimal conditions stargazers have brilliant views of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower January 4th. The showe (More)
Elf on a Shelf: Bush Edition
Everyone is familiar with "Elf on a Shelf". You have seen all of the scenarios this little guy gets into on Facebook and Instagram. Watch the situations the BBNN caught him in around campus. (More)
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