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Johnson High School celebrates National Poetry Month
by Jonah Besenty | staff writer National Poetry Month was introduced in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. The campus celebrates National Poetry Month by doing blackout poetry, an event that takes place the entire month of April. Blackout poet (More)
Summer Near
By: Vyolette Summer Near Today of March 7, 2016 we only have 3 more months of school left and their summer waiting around the corner But then spring break is next week one week of break As the sun still hides behind the clouds but hope (More)
By: Jada DREAM or MEMORY I walk along the Crystal Sandy beaches of the Caribbean An out to the clear blue sea. The light began to glissen on the reflection of the water As it shined through clear. I can hear the Vibrations of the wa (More)
Once Upon a Dream
By: Jada One man, One dream, One destiny. A nation united for a plan to change humanity. A plan to end the unjust laws against racism, once upon a Dream. Why was racism ever an issue? Why couldn’t it have been solved years ago (More)
Alone Under the Mistletoe
Another year comes around I still faithfully wait He’s coming soon I tell myself He won’t leave me here Joy buzzes around me Couples laugh and enjoy their night But here I stand Waiting and waiting Knowing, hoping, praying he (More)
A Better Place
The world would be a better place if people smiled more Maybe just some kinds words being told a little more often The world would be better if people acted kind to one another If people acted like they knew right from wrong The world would be a (More)
It Doesn\'t Seem Like A Normal Place
Cancer sing me to sleep tell me i’ll be alright if you comeback and tell me goodbye make sure you\'re telling the truth because i can’t take anymore lies please don’t look at me I feel so ugly all my hair is thinning and I don’t feel like (More)
 I feel it in my bones.My crippled mind fallsAs we walk this damned road.Do you really think I care?Are you really that stupid?How many times do I have to tell you?How many times must we go through this?I do not love youNot any more.You ripped my fra (More)
Open Mic Night
Photo by Catherine Hittson Open Mic Night hosted by the Bullseye staff takes plac (More)
Bullseye: Open Mic Night
Bullseye hosts Open Mic night on Feb. 13, at 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Black Box Theater. All students can attend and admission is $3 at the door. Concessions available and the first drink is free. The Mac Idol cast will perform, which includes, Live (More)
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