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Is “It” worth following the red balloon for?
Photo courtesy of "IT Movie" official Instagram. Used with permission[/capti (More)
Fright Fest: Slaughterhouse 6
At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, park staff make the most of the Haunted house tradition with their well-known event, Fright Fest; which takes fun and gives it a new meaning. Actors are gathered from everywhere and dressed up for the sole purpose of scarin (More)
An Overdue Oscar for Leo
By Mommina Tarar The moment everyone's been waiting for finally happened; Leonardo Dicaprio won an oscar. On Feb. 28, in the 2016 Academy Awards, Dicaprio won his very first oscar. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned the problems of our wor (More)
Music Review
Haley Mnick and Logan McElroy, discuss the latest music as well as upcoming music from incredible stars like Rihanna & Zayn Malik. (More)
Touching Tributes, Glowing Gowns, and Sassy Shade
By Mommina Tarar The 2016 Grammy awards, filled with shade, beautiful gowns and heartwarming tributes, definitely takes the crown for most awkward. But why, oh, why do award shows target celebrities? Aren’t award shows supposed to recognize the ma (More)
A WOP BAM BOOM! A Review of "Grease: Live"
By Kamryn Mendoza A little over a week or two ago, millions of people tuned in to FOX (Channel 29) to witness history in the making. Writers remade the infamous “Grease” play like no other. With stars who range in experience from rookie to award w (More)
Blackstar: Bowie's Final Goodbye
By Devon Overstreet David Bowie: an inspiration for artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Queen, Marilyn Manson, The Arctic Monkeys and countless others. Generations of artists covered Bowie’s work, shown through Nirvana’s cover of Bowie’s “Man Who (More)
"The Secret History" Serves Up Suspense
By Mommina Tarar The dark, baffling book, “The Secret History,” by Donna Tartt ties in perfectly for the month of October,in which horror comes to life, and jubilance goes to rest. Who could write a book so horrifying and still sleep at night? How (More)
Givenchy Steals The Spotlight At NYFW
By Mommina Tarar Three words: Silk, lace, and embroidery. The Givenchy [ Jhee-von-shee ] fashion show consisted of these three things, and together it composed oh so well. From the major model falls and traditional music to the statement necklaces (More)
Selena Gomez\'s \"Revival\"
Selena Gomez released her second studio album last week, Revival, to excellent reception. The album, opening with a spoken word verse, immediately sets a new tone for the pop star, separating her from her previous singles and giving her a more mature (More)
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