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THE FALL PRODUCTION  REVIEW The Fall Production is the thing most theater students look forward to, and most parents can't wait to see their precious child act on the stage. I'm here to tell you what I personally thought about each of the plays. (More)
Do Reviews Matter?
Recently, I read some negative reviews about Nimitz Middle School, my middle school. I want to set the record straight. One of the reviews said, “The STEM students give the school credit,BUT Nimitz has deteriorted (sic) rapidly, ghetto, behavior prob (More)
Fright Fest: Slaughterhouse 6
At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, park staff make the most of the Haunted house tradition with their well-known event, Fright Fest; which takes fun and gives it a new meaning. Actors are gathered from everywhere and dressed up for the sole purpose of scarin (More)
The Best Saved For Last
The Norwegian Dances, choreographed by Carolyn Gresham, is performed by Rachel Clear, Micaela Gonza (More)
9 To 5 Showings Were Not A Disappointment
The musical 9 to 5, which started on Jan. 22 to 25, from the times 7:30 p.m. to around 9:00 on Thursday to Saturday, and at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, the last day of the play, was amusing and a great way to spend any of those evenings. Allied campus theat (More)
Anything Goes Was \'Easy To Love\'
Bon Voyage performed by sailors and passengers, with Reno Sweeney (Sara Sargent).Photo ta (More)
Tech Podcast - Andriods
The first ever Bugle Call Tech Podcast. In our first episode, we discuss Android Lollipop, Android One, and Amazon\'s Fire Phone. (More)
Tim D. Going 2-D
We all know Spurs player Tim Duncan, who is well known as being aggressive in offense, and a great defensive guard. Besides the basketball background, not much is known about Duncan. \"That\'s just the way I like it,\" Duncan said. What is know (More)
Guardians Of The Galaxy Make A Place In Marvel History
Guardians Of The Galaxy was released in theaters August 1st in United States and has stayed on the top of the box office since. Guardians Of The Galaxy also follows Marvel\'s recent trend of creating more light-hearted movies. Peter Quill (Star- Lord (More)
Lock Your Doors, \'The Strangers\' Are Here
October is the most thrilling month of the year for those who love scary themes and amusements. Many spend all year preparing to suit up for the most anticipated day: Halloween. While some may want a scare others want delicious sweets that make the m (More)
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