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Teachers crack down on tardies with new procedure
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer With the new school year starting up and students getting a feel for the hallways again, teachers are taking the initiative to make sure students spend more time in the classroom and not in the hallways with new (More)
STRESS: How and When To Take Break
Two exams, tons of homework, three extracurricular activities, PLUS the pressure of just being in middle school! It's not easy doing all of that, it's totally normal to want to just take a break from it all. There's no shame in doing that. (More)
Get to Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Angelina Sandoval
Angelina Sandoval by Nastasha Vallejo (More)
Cans Film Festival
The 1st Annual Garner Middle School Cans Film Festival will be held on April 15, 2016 from 3:30pm - 5pm. Admission to the festival is two cans of food. The theme of the festival is “Heroes!” and each student will choose one out of four categories to (More)
Veterans Day
What is Veterans day? Why do we even include Veterans Day in our lives? It is a time to honor our current heroes who fight for our freedom. It is only fair that we honor the people who fight for us. November 11, 2015 we will have our annual Veterans (More)
New interactive graduation plan encourages students to pursue an endorsement
by Mackenzie Armstead | staff writer This year’s freshmen will be the second class to follow an endorsement path as a result of House Bill 5. With graduation requirements that follow an interest track, students, along with their counselors, are ma (More)
Sock Day - Red Ribbon Week
By Luke October 20, 2015 is the first day of Red Ribbon Week. Today at Garner Middle School the students  were allowed to wear crazy socks,  which is anything in your imagination. Today I walked around Garner and got to see the fun socks that the (More)
N.E.I.S.D Pink Day
By: Hannah. G Friday, October 9, 2015 will be N.E.I.S.D’s pink day, which is when schools in the N.E.I.S.D district will wear a pink shirt and jeans to support breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer has actually decreased in the past decade in the (More)
Top 7 things you should stop doing in the hall
We’re all aware of those slightly annoying habits people do in the hallway; you know them all. Dealing with big bags and oblivious people in the hallways is really frustrating. So instead of ranting to that girl you just met 3 minutes ago, here’s a l (More)
teacher websites get revamped for the new school year
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer With the district phasing out the original teacher webpages, faculty knew since last year that they would need to consider a new option to replace their teacher site. “So, teachers looked at Google Sites, they (More)
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