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TEA releases guidelines allowing districts to make students not succeeding in virtual learning return to in-person instruction
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer The Texas Education Agency has created new guidelines to allow districts to make students who are failing classes or have too many absences to stop virtual learning and come back to school in-person. “So, this las (More)
From classrooms to Google classroom
With Governor Greg Abbot canceling school for the rest of the school year on April 17, the class of 2020 is officially robbed of the ending of their senior year. Already losing senior prom, spring sports, and activities, and not getting to spend a fe (More)
School? Canceled. Spring sports? Also canceled.
With the school closure extending through May 4, all spring sports and activities have been canceled. "When I first heard of [the season] getting canceled, I was really upset because sports is probably the most exciting thing I have to look forwar (More)
What the finals!
by Elly Beauchamp | Editor in Chief As I look at my exemptions page on skyward, only two classes light up, and of course, they are my only regular classes.  Finals have always been the crux of student life, the big event waiting at the end of e (More)
New year, new fence
by David Kent | staff writer As announced last school year, there is a new security fence surrounding the school. “The fence’s are a security measure that the district is putting in place at all secondary campuses, all high schools should have (More)
Next year brings new security measures
by David Kent | staff writer North East Independent School District has moved forward with increased security measures such as new clear-backpack policy and metal detector wands. With the school year coming to a close, new security measures are be (More)
Chronic illnesses and the life changing impact they have
Lauren Loveless | staff writer It’s the middle of the first semester and life is going great; your friendships are flourishing and grades soaring high. Then suddenly BOOM! You’re hit with an unfamiliar, idiopathic illness that puts you in bed for (More)
Running out of hours: the time management struggle
by Madizon Gonzalez and Alfonso Valero | staff writers After eight continuous periods of classes and stacks of homework shoved in clear backpacks, 4:15 has arrived and for coaches, athletes, actors , and band students , such as freshman Bella Pere (More)
All you need to know about the clear backpack policy
by David Kent | staff writer North East Independent School District is moving forward with their new clear backpack policy and has been enforcing that policy just within the first three weeks of school. “You know, one of the things I worried a (More)
Cheering at MacArthur
Garner's 8th graders that are going to be freshman at Mac next school year had the opportunity to try out for the JV or freshman cheer team. I've been cheering since I was three, and I've always loved it. I did take some seasons off from it, but I al (More)
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