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Earth Day Inspiration
Wow!  What an experience!  It was not only a joy to see eighth graders smiling, but also an inspiration to watch the hardened tough guys and gals of Nimitz play.  I actually saw many of my students who I scarce knew could speak, laughing as they felt (More)
The Effects Of Heartbreak
I just started reading a book called 16 Ways to Break a Heart, and it got me thinking how girls’ hearts are broken and the different outcomes. There are multiple ways girls get their hearts broken, and here are a few of them: being dumped, cheated on (More)
San Antonio Fiesta history
Fiesta is on its way, but have you ever wondered about its history? Well, San Antonio Fiesta originated as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Fiesta San Antonio started in  1891 as a one event parade, (More)
Soccer Soccer tryouts are coming up quickly. The tryouts are on Thursday, April 11. This year there is a boy and girls team. The Coach Corteniz is the coach for the boys, and Coach Hall will  coach the girls. The first game is Thursday, April 8th, (More)
The Big Scooter Issue in San Antonio
By: Karolyne and Angelina Have you ever wondered if those black electric scooters downtown ever caused problems for our city? With these scooters now available to every person in the city, there are very dangerous health and safety hazards. Ma (More)
Love Bubbles
Bubbles, bubbles Everywhere blue deep in the feelings, Saying, "I love you "   -Alyssa Rivera   (More)
Poteet Strawberry Festival
Poteet is a city in Atascosa County, Texas.  It was named for its first postmaster, Francis Marion Poteet.  It's best known as the birthplace of country music star, George Strait. The city is also known for its strawberry festival. The town of Pot (More)
Not so long ago I saw my dog in the park lying there with my family.   I couldn't keep looking So I got up and went under the cherry blossoms I thought of all the amazing times I had as a child. with my dog. She would alw (More)
National Hug a Newspaper Day!
April 4th  has been declared National Hug a Newspaper day.  I guess some people hug the newspaper because they are happy about it.  The newspaper tells us what's on the TV.  It keeps us informed,  and lets us know what`s  happening rigth now and what (More)
World Party Day
On April 3 everybody makes a party where they celebrate that they are alive.  This party includeds all the people who want to throw a party.  This day was dedicated for its primary purpose, just to celebrate the joy of being alive! (More)
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