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My Reflection on the Three Years of Middle School
Two more weeks, and I'm out.  These past three years at Nimitz Middle School were a blast!  Thanks to all the helpful teachers and staff.  Through the years of being in Nimitz I,  and I'm sure, many other students have grown up and matured.  We basic (More)
Summer Vacation
This summer I have a lot planned - hang out with friends, spend time with family, and focus on sports. With my friends, I usually go to the movies or the mall to just hang ou, laugh and talk. When I'm with my family, I take vacations to different pla (More)
Mom's Love
Sometimes we fight; we argue. Still, you still listen to my points of view. In spite of what I've done that hurt you, you never leave me. A real mom's love you gave me. (More)
Thunder is the most scary expression of Mother Nature.  It's a loud crashing noise which comes after the lightning hits.  It does not care who it scares or what it affects.  As it comes down for about 2 seconds making all of us jump! Then, it goes aw (More)
A Poem Inspired by Cage
Your mind is more powerful than you think. Your world revolves around it. From seeing figures in the dark To convincing yourself that a single pill will heal you. Loneliness eats at you, Selfishness swallows your feelings, And hatre (More)
Review of "Course Recovery"
The article, "Course Recovery", written by Isabella is really good, especially for those who need to make up for lost grades.  The writer informs students and others about how one can avoid going to summer school. It gives the details about the Cours (More)
Short Reflection on the Earth Day Festival
The Earth Day Festival was awesome.  One of my favorite things was that everything was free. I was ready to pay money for snacks, and I was okay with it, but boy! I was excited. At the fair I ended up having yogurt, fruit, popcorn, and watermelon. (More)
Tattoo: A Commentary
Thanks to Hailee's article, I won't be getting a tattoo any time soon. In fact, I won't get a tattoo at all,  I want my body to be pain free and healthy.  I don't want to risk illness from an unclean needle.  No tatoos for me. (More)
A Short Review
My opinion about the article "The Effects Of Heartbreak" is that they are right.  Heartbreak goes hard!  I like how the writer explains  the experience from a girl's feeling point of view contrasted with how a boy feels about heartbreaks.  Word. (More)
Spring Time Divinity (or something)
A small, brisk breeze caresses my cheek It wakes me from my slumber on the soft grass I stay put, basking in the sun's warmth and spring's breath. I roll over on my side and stare at the fluttering wings on a butterfly. My eyes, open, are (More)
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