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The Cage. a short story by robert bosquez
The Cage   A man sits in a cage looking out at the world before him, screaming for release but no response. People walk by; they stare; they utter words that he can’t understand and they walk away. For he is truly and utterly alone.   (More)
Halloween Night...
Halloween night, you may think candy, fun, friends... right? Wrong at least in this case. My name is Karma and I am going trick or treating tomorrow  night with all of my friends, well seven of them Amy, Amanda, Alyssa, Carter, Austin, Matthew and Je (More)
Lesson offically learned
As I walked out the door, my mom yelled, “Good luck out there, and remember to be safe!” I knew that she truly wished me well because she loves when I fill up her freezer. It was a long drive from San Antonio to Leakey, but it was going to be wort (More)
Andrea and I were on our way to pick up our best friend Shawn. We were going to the pool the day before Halloween. We walked into the gates of the pool and there was no one there. \"Great pool to ourselves!\" shouted Andrea. \"Keep your voice d (More)
How do I know you?
My name is Morgan Reid, recently my and me moved into this new house in a small town called Flintwood. Ever since we moved in strange things have been happening, I keep seeing this strange man around town. He wears a nice golden suit with his dark br (More)
A Curving Tower Full of Depth
The house creaked under the weight of the structure. The “house” was actually shaped more like a tower, with layer after layer of stairs going up to finally reach the top. The house was not stable because the foundation had been made long before in a (More)
The Creature in the Chest
Today was finally the day, my family and I packed up our bags and took a trip to my rich, stuck up, Aunt Edna\'s house. I\'d been really excited to visit her ultra-sleek home until I found out that we would be staying with her the whole summer. All o (More)
Peter And The Star Catchers (tweaked) (chapter 1 The First)
Chapter 1 ---The First--- As I went up stairs to my little orphan bed I noticed I was the first girl in the orphanage and to tell you the truth I was frightened because I did not know anybody and I felt alone for the first time. As the orphan d (More)
The Cat in the Attic
I feel the jolt of Dad\'s car as it stops. I look over at the window, aggravated. Dad looks over at me and lets out a large huff. I push my light blonde hair from my face and glance over at him. \"What? You expect me to be excited that you\'re sendin (More)
 I feel it in my bones.My crippled mind fallsAs we walk this damned road.Do you really think I care?Are you really that stupid?How many times do I have to tell you?How many times must we go through this?I do not love youNot any more.You ripped my fra (More)
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