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Grace\'s Special Talent
Grace Honeyman, a seventh grader at Bradley Middle School, is on a volleyball team outside of school. She has been playing for three years, and her favorite position is defensive specialist, a position where she does most of the hitting and has most (More)
Woman Sees What Her Mischevious Brother Left Behind For Her
Teresa Martinez went into high school thinking that she would have a really good time with all of her friends.  It turned out that she would actually have a hard time in her classes and catching up in her curriculum.  She didn\'t have the time to be (More)
The haunted house chapter five
By Justin Dahlberg Steve had waited for weeks lokking at the videos that he filmed ,looking for something strange that he didnt see during the the time he was there. He didnt see anthing weird but when he listened to the recorder he heard the a fa (More)
The Fullmetal Chronicles: Welcome to Liore! Pt.1:Enter Roy Mustang
By : Jacinda Davis  \"Hey! I can see it! there it is!!\" Alphonse cried excitedly to his brother,Edward Elric,who had collapsed onto the sand in exhaustion from carrying their dehydrated 10 1/2 year old sister,Reiz Elric.\" What?! what do you see? (More)
The Kidnapping
By: Lindsay Kutac     The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was impossibly overwhelming. Jackson wasn’t looking at me. He was staring at the rifles nailed to the ceiling while he droned on about the Civil War’s impact on modern times and (More)
Doesn\'t that only happen in the movies?
 I got off the bus as if it was just a normal day. Except today as I my house came into view. Something was strange. In the driveway sat my mothers car. I was always notified when she is coming home early. Why not this time? I unlocked the d (More)
Color of the Clouds
A Myth by Lauren Tong Once upon a time, in the land of Cloudville, there was a mortal boy named Bob. He often daydreamed while looking up at the clouds in the sky. One ordinary day while sky gazing, Bob noticed something rather strange happening t (More)
Christmas Disaster
By: Jacqueline Boizan Christmas, a day of laughter and joy. Wake up early in the morning and run as fast as your little feet can take you. Desperately, unwrapping your gift very fast and furious. Throw the wrapper of  your gift, on the floor, with (More)
The haunted house chapter four
By Justin Dahlberg Steve has not been back to that house for about three weeks since the last time he was there because he is very scared that the next time he goes there what is ever is there will try and hurt him. His friends keep trying to get (More)
The Adventures of Cobyn the Cat
By Madison Johnson I have been at my mom\'s house for awhile now with all my brothers and sisters. There\'s a lady who comes in here everyday and gives us food and water everyday. There\'s also a little girl who comes in to play with us too. She bri (More)
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