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What happens when Zoom takes over the academic year?
by Tala Kamil | staff writer This academic year, students had the option to either join Zoom classes, be asynchronous, or go back to learning in-person.  “When this year started, I never expected any of what was going to happen. I thought that (More)
A way to help others in times like these
by Ella Wisely | staff writer A community should come together and help those in need or for pure enjoyment. Since quarantine started, there has been some opportunities to help around the house or give to local organizations.  “First I have bee (More)
Sports put on hold, as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues
by John Casarez | staff writer As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the sports lockdown also continues.  There is one thing almost all of America wants to do right now. We all just want to go outside and throw the ball or shoot some hoops, you'r (More)
European colleges often overlooked option
by Emma Fischer | feature editor Debt is something many students fear will happen to them as soon as they step into college. There are many ways around it--scholarships, joining the military, certain job benefits, grants and more, but there is als (More)
What the finals!
by Elly Beauchamp | Editor in Chief As I look at my exemptions page on skyward, only two classes light up, and of course, they are my only regular classes.  Finals have always been the crux of student life, the big event waiting at the end of e (More)
What do students think about Instagram hiding likes?
by David Kent | staff writer Starting this week, Instagram will begin to hide people’s likes in the US. Senior Liberty Vela feels that this new change will not so much impact her, as it will impact those who center their lives around followers and (More)
AP: Another Problem
by Arianna Michaud | editor in chief  As I write this story, I have just completed a test for AP dual credit English IV (graded on the AP scale), will proceed to attend AP psychology, in which I will receive a rapid-fire lecture over psychologists (More)
Logan Paul and K-S-Why?
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer If I learned anything from my year long venture in AP Human Geography, it would be that we must ask ourselves, Where is it? Why is it there? and Why should we care?, and unfortunately for us, I am not able to answe (More)
A guide to Youtube celebrities
by David Kent | staff writer Since the creation of Youtube in 2005, the online platform has attracted over a billion users and has brought fame to countless individuals. “I use Youtube most often,” sophomore Madison Muncie said. “I like the acc (More)
Phones are going Yondr
By Emma Fischer| feature editor When I first looked up “Yondr,” the actual definition of the word, “yonder” came up. As an adjective, it means, “at some distance in the direction indicated; over there,” and as a noun, it means, “the far distance.” (More)
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