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Anxious and Impatient
I am anxious and impatient I wonder what happens after death I hear the dripping water of a leaky faucet I see the ripples and creases of a peaceful lake I want someone to hold   I am anxious and impatient I pretend that I l (More)
Funny and Caring
I am funny and caring I wonder if there is really heaven and hell I hear the sound of water falling,  hitting the empty streets I see my puppy running to me I want new shoes to rock my day I am funny and caring   I pretend t (More)
Spring Trees
Flower blooming and water flowing By the pond "It's glowing" With my earbuds in listening to music Finding love and I'm afraid to lose it By the spring tree With a bee flowing above Now I shall wave goodbye To the childhood tree (More)
till then a poem by roberto bosquez
If the stars spin out of frame If the oceans start to drain If the ground starts to crumble let me just say,   I love You.   Till the end of Time Till the sun stop its shine Your eyes finally collide with mine Our (More)
Gravity a poem by roberto bosquez
   Gravity   The stars swirl together in harmony The future stands in front and the past stands behind me. But you, and only you, are the sun to my earth, holding me with your Gravity.    Looking at me with those glassy eyes (More)
Butterflies flowing like leaves in the sky Clouds looking like cotton candy With shimmering tears flowing down my face I'm swinging on the old swing Listening to my favorite song Each beat smoothly flows like a wave in a pond As I l (More)
Selenophile: (noun) is a person who loves the moon.   A song is being heard. Her voice is like no other. She is graceful And her words are more than a riddle. She shines brighter than the sun, and her light is reaching towar (More)
Shifted... a short story
Imagine the pain they must have gone through. No one was prepared for what was to come. On top of that, when it did, it was so fast. It was too quick. It flooded in and….it killed everything. Anything. The air densed around it. We should have seen it (More)
a high school poem
High School is coming up. You feel like you might blow up. The night before school your mind runs loose. Going to school, you refuse. You can already smell the scent of loose paper. Id rather stay outdoors and smell nature. What if (More)
The Hate You Bring
Dear You, I really hate you. Sincerely, Me. This is the letter you give out to the world. It travels overseas and through the harshest weather. Slides through everyone's hands, making and leaving its mark. You can feel confident that you mad (More)
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