UIL Practice Concert

On Tuesday February 12, the Churchill Orchestra’s performed all of their UIL music for their parents and friends. UIL, which stands for University Interscholastic League, provides contests for extracurricular activities. As orchestra is an extracurricular course, it is included in UIL, and it’s one of the biggest competitions all year. When you arrive to the UIL competition room, you play in front of three judges who have a microphone to speak into. The judges will tell you everything they liked about the way the orchestra performed and the parts that they think needed some work. This contest means a lot to everyone in orchestra, especially the directors, so it’s always good to have a practice run to see where everyone is. That “practice run,” so to speak, was the concert yesterday. The orchestra students got dressed up in their black suits and dresses like usual and sat down to perform their pieces, all while people in the audience were recording them and making notes to themselves about the overall sound of the orchestra. No matter how well the orchestra’s do at the actual contest, they have still put in lots of hard work and effort to get to where they are today, and that is extremely commendable.

Churchill for the win!

Churchill for the Win!

Monday February 11 the Churchill Chargers girls basketball team played in their last game of the season, the playoffs. After a long and hard season of basketball, our Lady Chargers came out undefeated. They practiced non stop, worked together, and stayed positive to get first in districts. In their game last night they won against Stevens High School with a score of 61(Churchill)-50(Stevens).

Lots of Changes for NEISD

The new year brings new changes, especially for our campus. Very recently, Justin Oxley received a promotion and left his position as Principal of Churchill High School. As a result, Principal Bloomer took his place. Bloomer isn’t exactly new to our campus though. Before becoming Churchill’s Principal, he was the principal at Bradley, and even before that he was an AP at Churchill. Many of the students at Churchill now remember him from when they attended Bradley, so in that way, there is already a sense of familiarity, which is great when changes like this occur.

Additionally, Dr. Brian G. Gottardy is retiring from his position as Superintendent of NEISD. He has served as Superintendent for eight years now, and he has certainly left a lasting impact on NEISD as a whole. When Gottardy retires on June 30 of this year, NEISD will start to look for a replacement.

This year, though it just started, has proven to bring so many changes to our campus and our school district as a whole. Changes can be scary sometimes. They’re different, unexpected, and often make us feel uncertain about the future. With that said, changes are necessary and most of the time, extremely beneficial. As Winston Churchill himself would say, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”


ASL Club

ASL Club

It’s the start of 2019. A perfect time for new beginnings and new additions. And as a way to include many others and start something new, we are creating an American Sign Language club.They plan to learn songs, do volunteer work around San Antonio, work together to meet new people, and interact with the world language club.. They will have meetings before and/or after school and will have snacks! They will also teach a little bit of ASL to others and will get to interact with our amazing Deaf students. The ASL club is an amazing opportunity to work with each other and interact with our community. As a club they will work together to intertwine our deaf and hearing communities. The club will meet Tuesday afternoon or Friday afternoon. To get club updates you can join the remind by texting 81010 @cbd292 or follow our instagram page @churchill_asl_club.