Autumnal Musings

A crisp breeze scented with early morning dew sweeps past my cheek. In my soul I know; autumn is on it’s way. Seamlessly the endless August days give way to the mild ones of fall. A slight chill makes me grab a jacket on the way out the door. No more blistering heat, no beads of sweat reappearing just two seconds after I wipe them off my forehead. Girls everywhere heave a sigh of relief; the stifling humidity, which makes even the sleekest hair anxious, is now dormant until next summer’s awakening.

Fall, it’s the only season where bright orange pumpkins, golden bundles of straw, and speckled, spotted, striped gourds appear on the way into HEB. It’s the season of Thanksgiving, which in and of itself is a beacon of hope in the turbulent seas of schoolwork. Above all, it provides an opportune moment for reflection.

I know it’s fall when I get home from school and find China pumpkins sitting on the end tables in my living room. Delightful candles with names like Harvest and Pumpkin Pie become denizens of the window sills, and fill the house with smells that I recognize, remember and crave all year long. Outside, the light disappears earlier and earlier every night, as if some large hand is slowly sliding down the dimmer switch on the world. Light radiates from the surrounding houses, contrasting the darkness. There is warmth and light inside, dark and coolness outside. The effect is peace, comfort, and welcome silence.

Signature things about fall are more than just tradition; they’re comforting to the heart, nourishing to the soul. The most magical part is that to everyone, fall means something different. Different memories flood and scroll through everyone’s mind, each special and unique.

Nothing can top the crunching of fallen leaves while walking under a canopy of trees painted in warm reds, yellows and oranges. Nothing can surpass the peace and warmth that  a freshly baked pie’s aroma brings to a home….

Accept my challenge, take a deep breath, and muse with childlike innocence on your favorite wonders of fall.

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  • nice, Maureen! I agree, the colors and smells bring to mind pleasant memories!
    wonderful, descriptive writing! Your words don’t just tell me about autumn, I can actually see and smell it!

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