Orange Leaf

Tired of work, school, and stress…need a place to unwind? If so, Orange Leaf is the place to go. It has a soothing environment where one can sit back and relax. It’s a great place to work on homework or take advantage of free Wifi. But the real reason to visit Orange Leaf  is their famous frozen yogurt.They have  forty four flavors, including white chocolate, chocolate, taro, cookies and crème, pomegranate, red velvet, peach, coconut, original tart, confetti cake, cheese cake, passion fruit, lemon and many more.

On a recent visit to Orange Leaf this past weekend I walked into the carefree environment and enjoyed some of this delicious frozen yogurt. Upon entering customers pick up a bucket and serve themselves as much yogurt as they want, mixing any of the flavors they desire. All of the flavors are dairy based except for pineapple which is water based. Next, add any combination of toppings such as fresh fruit, chocolate chips, m&ms,  or skittles.  One of their most famous toppings is called popping boba. It is a Japanese topping which pops in your mouth!  Lastly, an Orange Leaf employee weighs your yogurt by the ounce with each ounce costing forty cents.

People may think “frozen yogurt? How unhealthy…” WRONG! Frozen yogurt is very good for the body.  It prevents constipation, diarrhea, and harmful bacteria growth, plus it helps strengthen the immune system. Orange Leaf is where yummy meets healthy. So stop by Orange Leaf’s delicious and relaxing atmosphere, located on Loop 1604 W in the Vineyard Shopping Center.

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26 thoughts on “Orange Leaf

  1. You have convinced me to go to the Orange Leaf it sounds like an amazing place to get a healthy snack and hang out with friends. I’m dying to try the red velvet and confetti cake flavor, my mouth is just watering thinking about them. Thats so neat that you can place toppings as well! Also the best part is that its so close to where I live, thank you so much for introducing me to the world of frozen yogurt (:

  2. I love orange leaf as well!!! it is so good and so healthy 🙂 its my favorite snack and im so happy we have them in san antonio now:)

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