The golf team is coping with many new changes concerning practice times and schedule changes.During the summer, in preparation for the  year,  the members had a few obligations to the team.

“We asked them to play at least 10 competitive rounds to help improve their play,” Coach Spivey said.

By the way things turned out at the boys first tournament, the extra dedication is paying off.

“The team is an  improved young group with much potential who can even get to State if they work at it,” Spivey said, when discussing that the main goal of  taking the boys and girls teams all the way to State.

Even with all the optimism, the new schedule is causing the golf team to adapt in ways they haven’t had to in the past. Practice time suffers forcing the kids to start earlier and end later. They also had to break down into a JV period and varsity period adding some new challenges, however they refuse to be discouraged.

“Our returning varsity is coming back with better experience and should be much improved as individuals and as a whole,” Spivey said.

The first girls’ tournament will be the Texas Shootout hosted by NEISD at the Silver Horn golf course October 15-16. Fans can help support them by purchasing tickets for the tournament as well as signing up for the Putt for Dough contest later on in the year.

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