How to Make Mums Without the Money

Ribbons and bells and glitter, oh my! With all their little doodads and shiny trinkets, mums can be costly. Buying one already made can cost anywhere from fifteen to one hundred dollars.

Here are some keys to making mums while  saving a little moneymoney. Split the cost of supplies with friends. Hobby Lobby has bouquets of a dozen mums for twelve dollars which is cheaper than buying separate flowers at any craft store.

Buy in bulk. This allows leeway for making mums. Running out of ribbon in the middle of making a mum can be frustrating. If this doesn’t sound appealing, remember, whatever is not used this year can be used for next years’ mums.

Get creative! Items like spray glue can be expensive so use something else instead. Glitter glue or tempera paint are more economical than a spray can of glue.

Shop just after Christmas. Even though it sounds ridiculous, Churchill’s colors are red, black, and white and most of the ribbon that is sold during winter time is RED and WHITE. No longer are the after Christmas sales ridiculous. Hobby Lobby also has a Christmas section with ribbon that is on sale during this time of year.

Shop at stores that don’t normally connect with art supplies, like Travis Wholesale Florists. They have discounted ribbon and mum flowers and are located conveniently downtown.

For anyone without mum making experience, stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have “how to” fliers that you can take home, Barnes and Noble carries books, and YouTube has some good tutorials. The one I consider most helpful was posted by Really Reasonable Ribbon on how to make military braids. This step by step “how to” is easy to follow and cheaper than paying four bucks for the same thing at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

The last helpful tip? Waiting until the last minute to make mums is like waiting until the last minute to do a project that can take an upwards of several hours. It is NOT fun and should be avoided at all costs.

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