Girls Soccer Starts Preparing for New Season

The girl’s soccer team has been working hard to get ready for their new season. Like several other extra extracurricular activities, they have had to make adjustments in order to fit the new schedule.

In preparation for the upcoming season, they have been hitting the weight room hard doing a lot of running and intense strength conditioning. They’re working on new strategies with 11 vs 11  scrimmages and many practices.

“I’m really looking forward to just watching them progress and get better and hopefully make it further in playoffs,” Coach Aguilar said.

The schedule change has had a huge effect on when the practices are held, which is causing the team to adapt in new ways. They are  now being held in eighth period and after school which makes the players feel rushed to get changed on time. Players are also having to deal with the e heat that comes with the afternoon compared to when they practiced in the cool early morning last year. In addition, there is no period for study hall.

“Even though we have a lot of returning players, I feel they are much more experienced and have improved from last year,” Coach Aguilar said.

In the past when it came to choosing a captain the combined vote of all the girls and the coach determined the winner. But with a new head Coach things will be a little different. Since there aren’t very many seniors this year Aguilar might have both a junior and senior representative as captain.

“When choosing a captain we look for leadership potential. It’s not based on skill,” Coach Aguilar said.

The season starts in January, but tryouts were held at the beginning of the year. If there are people who are interested in being a part of the team, additional tryouts will be open to anyone November 29-30 after school.

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