Orchestra performs Peter and the Wolf

The music department has been buzzing with activity. While the band shows off its marching show every football game, people shouldn’t overlook what the orchestra has accomplished.

As in years past in November, the orchestra performs Peter and the Wolffor elementary school children as a way to get them interested in strings. Select orchestra members dress up and act out the parts of the story, and others play the music to go along with the play. Coker, Oak Meadow, Larksburg, and Huebner elementary schools came to watch this charming interpretation.

The group was also very successful at Regionals.  

“Mr. Thibodeaux pretty much expects most of orchestra three and four to make region chairs,” Erik Van Dyke, junior, said.  And for the first time, the orchestra entered the State Honors Orchestra competition. The competition involved orchestras all over Texas. The orchestra planned to submit a tape of their best recordings for entry.

“We’ve been preparing since the first day of school,” Sophia Nikas, junior, said.

Their tape included Mahler’s ‘Adagietto’ and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Serenade for Stings’ among other notable pieces.

“If we make top ten it would be really, really good,” Van Dyke said.

With high hopes and even higher expectations, the orchestra prepares for another great year of competitive and performing musical arts.

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Austin Lundgren

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