Five Students Reach State VASE Competition

The Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE)  which is a  state UIL art competition will take place on April 8-9, at Clear Fall High School, Clear Creek ISD near Houston. Only 2,082 of the total 23,907 registered entries at  2010 regional competitions qualified for this competition. That’s about 9%, which puts five of our students in this elite group.

Sophomore Nicole Amor transferred a photo onto a canvas, using mixed media including acrylic, strips of cloth and beads, to create her piece named “Women.” The work has two subjects, butterflies and women.

“Butterflies have a lot to do with how we are; when they migrate, they’re unified, just like women,” Amor said. “They are both beautiful and delicate and one.”

Cordell Tong, a senior in Mrs. Hoffman’s Art I Pre-AP class created a lion mask using magazine cylinders which he titled “Fierce,”  junior Mary Walker  entered a sculpture, a ring made of silver,  entitled “Petals of Essence. ” Walker is a member of Ms. Tsukifuji’s sixth period 2D Art Portfolio AP class.  Madeline Moser, a sophomore in Ms. Tsukifuji’s Sculpture II class, created a sculpture entitled “8-Bit Terror.” Lastly, sophomore Andy Wilson won with  his painting of Captain Ahab, which he named “Moby Dick.”

While Wilson insists that there was no deeper meaning to his artwork, he said his focus was to, “express emotion through technique.”

“I just wanted to express a lot of tension and movement,” Wilson said.

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