Risks of a Spring Break in Mexico

Written By: Maureen Weaver

Though bursting with abundant sunshine, Spring Break destinations along the southern U.S. border and in Mexico are extremely dangerous choices for vacationing, especially this year. The U.S. Department of State warns that in Mexico, several travelers may die, hundreds will be arrested, and more will make long-lasting deleterious decisions.

One important fact to think about when pondering a trip to our southern neighbor is that in Mexico, Americans are fully subject to Mexican law, whose penalties for violations that we may consider insignificant may be surprisingly harsh. Also, in no way can the U.S. ambassadors release U.S. citizens from prison or the Mexican courts.  Safety standards in regards to pools, roads and water-sports are dangerously lower than in America, leading to much more frequent mishaps and deathly accidents. Even summoning a taxi can be risky, as taxi drivers who are not “sitio” licensed can be criminals in search of victims. Rented equipment is frequently not serviced and in risky condition, and if damaged, the customer may be threatened into paying an outrageously high price for repair.

Acapulco, a common destination for Spring Breakers, has been subject to increasing drug-related violence. Gruesome murders have recently taken place. Cabo San Lucas beaches, on the Pacific side of the Baja California Peninsula, frequently have dangerously strong rip tides and waves. Cancun, a growing city, has increasing crime reports, rape is common, and wave undertows are strong. Reports of Americans drowning in various places in Mexico have already been reported this season.

Wisely choose to avoid vacationing in Mexico, as the risks are high. Even if not in Mexico, be safe this Spring Break by not drinking, not staying out late, and not entering high-risk situations.

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  • There is no risk only if you dont break the rules of state, it is the same, mexican are fully subject to a US law, Also in no way can the Mexican ambassadors release mexican citizens from prison or the US courts. Just look in the wall of death there is a lot people innocent condemned to die.

    About drugs, let me tell you, US is the number one consumer of drugs in the world, so whats the difference…

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