InterFaith Club

InterFaith Club Yearbook Picture

InterFaith Club Yearbook Picture

By Tommie Gaitan

The InterFaith Club is new to campus, and the next meeting is Monday, March 8 at 8 a.m. In its first year, there were 11-13 students in the club, and junior Danny Landez is the president. Most of the members are sophomores and seniors, and the meetings take place every other Tuesday in room A102.  Geography teacher, Susan Looger is the sponsor of the club.

    Looger is proud to be the sponsor of the club because of the interaction between students about their religion.

“It gives a student a place to come to safely discuss different belief systems, ” teacher Susan Looger said.

The success of the club so far are  great bonding according to the president of the club.

“Its created a fellowship between the current members,” Landez said.

Students in the club have lots of fun.

“We get to do fun crafts and games that other religions partake in and discover how alike we really are,” sophomore Alejandro Farias said.

Landez started the club because a program at his church inspired him. Landez wanted the club to affect Churchill in a positive way because the club would welcome all students with different religions.

“You shouldn’t be scared of joining it because you’d be the minority in the group,” Landez said. “All of us are there to share our own thing and not to cast judgment on others.”

Students who aren’t in the club understand it’s important.

“It’s good to be in an environment where it’s okay to talk about your beliefs and voice  your opinion,” freshman Juan Nunez said.

Landez would love to have more students involved in the club.  

“I understand that it’s not for everyone, but it’d be a great experience,” Landez said.

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