50 years of WC

By Juliann Greene

On Wednesday, November 16 there will be a meeting to discuss the 50th anniversary of Churchill. This meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. in the administration conference room. While the district confirmed that this 2015-16 year marks the 50th year since Churchill has opened its doors. This then calculated out in other ways, for this 2016 year is the 50th birthday of Churchill, but the 2017 graduating class is technically the 50th class graduating from the school since the doors opened in 1966 and the first school year ended in 1967. So the committee decided to change the celebration to the fall of 2016-17 school year, and is open to former students, current students, teachers, faculty, and anyone that has been a part of Churchill is invited to come to the celebration, for the date is to be announced. Also Mr. Oxly is accepting emails with any questions anyone may have about this.

“My class was the 10th graduating class, for it was the class of ’76, eldest of  seven Chargers,” committee member John Halloran said.  “We were the bicentennial year. As a family, we pretty much did it all:  ROTC, football, drill team, band, majorette, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, parliament, and now we’re planning our 40 year reunion.”

Churchill didn’t always have the 8000 and 3000 buildings.

“I have watched the school and the area grow and mature over the years,” 1970 graduate Richard Norris said. “From a few buildings sitting in a cow pasture off a two lane semi-dirt road, to what it has become today, and can still proudly call Churchill my alma mater.”

The school won state championships in football, volleyball, gymnastics, and golf all  in the first few years it opened, along with an award-winning band and drama group.

“It was so magical because we had such a large area to draw from and got such a fun mix of students,” fourth grade teacher Tracey Moreno said. “I am so proud to be a part of the 50th

birthday of WC. Our reunions are always packed because we all still care about each other. I am so proud of my connection to Churchill and feel lucky that it has been a sweet part of my life.”

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