Pre-UIL Concert

Orchestra prepares for pre-contest concert

Students competing in the pre-UIL concert on Feb. 21 at Churchill in the Lanny Naegelin Theatre from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. to prepare for the UIL Concert on March 6.

“UIL is the STAAR test for music,” Orchestra Teacher Amy Robago said. “It’s to show that the students know how to read and write music.”

Robago says that they are competing for themselves.

“The pre-UIL concert is a practice before our UIL contest, “Orchestra Teacher Jason Thibodeaux said. “Our UIL is next week.”

Thibodeaux states the pre-UIL concert lets them know where they are at that time, and what they need to fix.

“It’s a long way up, but we’ll be ready for it,” Thibodeaux said.

Students will have an opportunity to compete in a band with students using different instruments.

“There’s definitely a different dynamic,” senior Danny Landez said. “The two groups have a different rehearsal style, so it creates a different dynamic.”

Junior Samantha Tarr says it’s fun to be able to compete in a band.

“It’s fun because they approach me in a different way, and it’s cool to bring our two different styles together to make music,” Tarr said. By Ken Blanchard

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