Singing Into The Spotlight

Students prep for musical

Walking into the auditorium, the stress and excitement of the upcoming performances is apparent. The kids rushing across the stage and yelling across the room tells the story of the extremely excited theater students that are to debut their show “Anything Goes”.

The theater department is filled with this anticipation because they will be premiering their musical on Thursday, Feb. 2, Friday, Feb. 3, Saturday, Feb. 4, and Sunday, Feb. 5, and students have already started preparation.

“I’m most excited about being able to participate in my first musical,” sophomore Carter Cabral said. “Last year, I was able to watch “Music Man”, and I loved it and wanted to be in it, and now I’m excited to be able to participate in one.”

Along with the popping energy, students are slightly overwhelmed.

“The mood at rehearsal has gotten a bit more stressful, but everyone still seems to be having fun,” Cabral said.

Along with Cabral, there are lots of new performers participating in the show, but with the help of the theater veterans, they aren’t struggling.

“I try to help them [the new performers] stay calm and teach them about what it’s like to be in the show such as proper etiquette, show conditions, things like that,” senior Katy “Sky” Young said.

Even with so many newbies, the cast is working extremely hard to make the show great, all the while staying excited and energized.

“We have some rough spots, but I think they’ll smooth out by the show,” Sky said. “Everyone is working really hard and having a blast.” By Keira Kirk

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