“Da” In The Theatre

The 8th Period prepares for the district UIL Meet

The varsity theatre class is preparing their performance for the UIL One-Act district  competition on Wednesday, March 22 at Madison High School. They will be performing  “DA”, an Irish comedy play by Irish playwright Hugh Leonard.

 “It’s really cool to see everyone in the cast try to learn Irish dialects,” senior Earl Viera said.

Clark Stevens, the director of this one act play, has won the UIL competition with “DA” before.

   “I trust that he knows what he’s doing,” sophomore Carter Cabral said. “I think we will be prepared. At the moment I’m not looking forward to it,but that’s just because we just started, and I don’t want to worry myself.”

Although the cast still has plenty of time to prepare and rehearse, cast members have been worried about the competition because of how difficult the play is to learn and understand from the actor’s perspective.

“People are anxious because we’ve come to a slow start,” Earl said. “I think if we all come in with a positive attitude,and work toward a great performance, we can get the job done.” by Nathan Kleffner

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