Choir students prepare for the upcoming UIL competition

The UIL Choir competition for students to sing with their choir and be scored by judges will be taking place on Wednesday, April 5, Thursday, April 6, and Friday, April 7 at Canyon Lake High School. Only students who pass all of their classes by the end of the nine weeks are allowed to participate.

“You should always aim to pass no matter the incentive,” Choir director Bonnie Smith said. “I am hopeful that they [choirs] can find focus during rehearsals.”

Students are both nervous and excited as UIL comes closer along with further practice. Choirs will have practice during class and occasionally after school until the competition.

“There’s a chance to grow with the other group of people that are working beside you,” junior Blaze Bauer said. “I believe they [rehearsals] help us even if they take time out of our day to do so.”

The choirs that will be performing in UIL are the Lords of Cambridge Chorale, the Ladies of Cambridge Chorale, the Canterbury Lasses, the Westminister Women, members from the Buckingham Balladeers, and members of the Oxford Singers. The judges will score each choir with a five being the worst and a one being the best grade. Smith said that if they get sweepstakes, scoring one’s on both sight reading and on stage, she will bring Baklava, a type of food named in one of their songs “Hamisha Asar”, and Hot Chocolate.

“We are on the way to success,” Smith said. “I am hoping for sweepstakes.” By Julia Lucas

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