As EOC tests loom, faculty and students find themselves stressed

The STAAR EOC exam for English I is Tuesday, March 28 while English II is Wednesday, March 30. Algebra I STAAR is Monday, May 1 with Biology following on Tuesday, May 2 and U.S. History on Wednesday, May 3.

“I believe most of the testing is confined to the 8000 building,” English teacher Brandon Forinash said. “There will be information posted about where students will go on that day.”

Some faculty members feel STAAR puts a lot of pressure on students.

“I feel it puts a lot of pressure on the kids to pass,” Algebra I and Geometry teacher Sara Perez said. “I think it shows if they know the content or not.”

Faculty also believes that it puts a lot of pressure on teachers as well.

“I think the faculty definitely receives a lot of pressure from the top down,” Forinash said. “Because Churchill has such a great tradition of excellence, we compare ourselves to other schools, and we want that comparison to show how great Churchill is.”

Some students think that the test creates so much tension for them to pass, that they get overwhelmed and fail.

“Some kids are just bad test takers,” freshman Carolynn Waterhouse said. “They could be really good in a subject but then mess up the STAAR test because they got really nervous. There’s so much hype about it.” By Trinity Shuler

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