Speech takes on NEISD

Contestants try to qualify for Regionals at Madison

Speech will be competing at the UIL Districts meet on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 at Madison High School.

  “Churchill did really well last year,” junior Morgan Rodriguez said. “I think this is a great final opportunity to perform and get feedback before the school year ends.”

    There are two events that students will be able to compete in; Prose and Poetry. Both are seven-minute long “binder” events.

     “Whereas other interp events are about the performer,” Speech coach Brandon Forinash said. “Prose and Poetry are about the literature and what the performer brings out of the literature.”

     This year, the “Prompts” for Prose and Poetry are; “Our Changing World”, the single selection informative category, and “Taking A Stand”, the multiple selection persuasive category.

   “It is difficult to find the ability to be heard,” senior Chris Carillo said. “But these topics allow us to voice our opinions about the place we live in today.”

  Competitors that place top three in each category will be able to go to the Regional tournament held at the UTSA campus on Saturday, April 8.

 “It’s very obvious that everyone is there for a reason,” Rodriguez said. “The competition is tough, but it’s a very fun experience.” By Nathan Kleffner

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